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See how forward-thinking businesses have integrated calendaring using the Cronofy API to introduce revolutionary new features and enhance customer experiences.



JobAdder helps recruiters manage job candidates and relationships, using Cronofy for unparalleled time management and scheduling.

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Skyscanner's customers don't have to self-manage their travel plans or change their preferred calendar provider thanks to Cronofy.

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The Cronofy Calendar API enables digital healthcare company Zesty to offer real-time bookings and availability options to their users.

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Cloud-based project management software Pinipa uses Cronofy to help teams and stakeholders access key dates and milestones in real-time to ensure projects run smoothly.

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Award-winning cloud property management service ResBook offers their customers fuss-free, accurate scheduling for all their bookings, all the time.

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A favorite with real estate agents, software provider Rezi has a engaging feature-rich time management system powered by the Cronofy API.

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Appointedd is intelligent, attractive booking software that uses Cronofy to automatically ensure no user receives an appointment that clashes with something else.

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Leading business coaching platform CoachLogix utilises the Cronofy API to optimize everyone's time, maintain users' privacy, and much more.

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Innovative activity provider/tour booking solution TrekkSoft ensures all their customer calendars maintain trustworthy, current information with Cronofy.

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Iris Works

Thanks to the Cronofy Calendar API photographers are able to connect professional and personal calendars to the Iris Works studio management system.

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Inspirational Use Cases

Any kind of software that utilises scheduling, time, or calendar-based features benefits from integrating with the Cronofy API. It's ideal for your customers, staff, and any interactions between the two.

Take a look at how Cronofy can be applied in different contexts with our Use Cases.

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“Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It's so easy to authorise and get up and running”

— Leah Hutcheon, CEO, Appointedd

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