Integrate the most reliable real-time calendar sync API

The Cronofy calendar API is the choice of SaaS applications who care about reliability and performance at scale. Connect with Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars, even on-premise Exchange, with a 99.99% service guarantee.

Trusted by teams who value performance & reliability

Integrate your customers' calendars with one API

A mature series of API end-points optimized for calendar sync operations. Connecting your app to Google, Microsoft and Apple calendar services as well as on-premise Exchange.

No need to setup up credentials or go through security reviews for each service. Cronofy just works for you out of the box.

Your users authorize access through an authorization flow, branded for your application, which allows you to limit the data that you need.

Just want free busy access but still want to create events, we've got you covered.

Explore the calendar & events docs

Keep in sync with real-time push notifications

Tracking real-time changes is crucial to driving application workflows. Cronofy's sync engine continuously monitors your users' calendars and notifies your application based on the rules that you specify.

Because we track events your application creates separately to events that the user create in their calendar, you can just be notified about what is important.

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Add conferencing to any of your calendar events.

Automatically generate unique conferencing links for calendar events. Cronofy automatically supports integrated conferencing like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

You can also allow your users to authorize access to their Zoom, GoTo and Webex accounts, enabling you to use them in the same way.

Cronofy manages the different connections and APIs, you focus on delivering what's important for your users.

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Automatically onboard your enterprise users with Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is our authorization scheme for your enterprise customers. A single approval from a domain admin allows your application to onboard calendars automatically. Without your users having to do anything.

This also gives you access to meeting rooms and resources for organizing on-site meetings.

Fast track your app onboarding, by enabling you to get your calendar sync and scheduling features enabled for all a customer's users without a hitch.

Read the Enterprise Connect docs
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