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Cronofy is chosen by high-performance engineering teams who need scheduling features designed to operate at scale. A 99.99% uptime guarantee and industry leading security and privacy controls make us a service they can rely on.

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Trusted by developers to schedule hundreds of millions of events, Cronofy's scheduling platform offers two modes built upon the same high-performance, reliable scheduling infrastructure.

Embedded Scheduler

Accelerate development time by embedding our scheduler into your own application

Fully managed scheduling tooling for your users. Each user has a Cronofy Account which allows them to manage their working hours, conferencing and other preferences. Companies and teams use Cronofy to setup complex scheduling rule and workflows.

The Scheduler API allows you to leverage all of this setup and configuration and deliver it embedded deeply into your application.

This is the option to choose when you want to enable all of the Cronofy scheduling features for your users with minimal effort and the quickest time to market.

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White-Label Integration

Get full control of the UX with our flexible suite of calendar sync and scheduling endpoints

Access multiple API endpoints that allow you to craft a completely tailored scheduling experience for your users. Complex multi-person availability lookups, working hours management, realtime syncing of calendar changes, and fully customizable UI Elements to accelerate your feature delivery.

Users don’t need to sign up for a Cronofy Account. Just take them through a simple, brandable, OAuth2 authorization flow and their calendars will be connected to your application.

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Combine the two for the best of both worlds

All of the user authorizations available for the Scheduler API can also be used with the White-Label API end points. Perfect if your team are using Cronofy for scheduling but you also want to embed scheduling into a customer facing app. You get full user experience control without the heavy lifting of building a full scheduling solution.

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