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We're the scheduling experts and this is why tens of thousands of companies worldwide rely on our enterprise-ready technology to power their scheduling. Businesses can choose to either integrate their software with our APIs or to partner with us to deliver secure and scalable scheduling to their teams. Cronofy was founded in 2014 and since then our technology has saved organizations hundreds of thousand of hours in development and admin time.

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Key Features

We are not just a calendar integrator, you can work with us to deliver all the scheduling features required in a business world where personalization, efficiency, scalability and security are key.

Our API stack is built in a modular way so you can integrate full calendar sync using our Calendar API and then layer additional functionalities to meet your requirements. The Scheduling API includes availability, real-time scheduling and sequenced meetings. You can also choose to use our off-the-shelf UI Elements or to build your own UI.

The Cronofy Scheduler is our off-the-shelf tool for end-users and can be used stand-alone by teams of any size or embedded in your software. It's powered by our API and allows you to create personalized and secure individual meeting request links to share with multiple attendees, all based on real-time availability.

Our Conferencing Services tool allows for integration with all major tools


All Cronofy products are enterprise ready and suitable for use on a large scale, ensuring your IT and security team can stay in complete control of the integration, without relying on individual authorization. We have a great deal of experience working in partnership with our clients and their customers to ensure that their operations can be carried out efficiently and at scale. Our Enterprise Connect feature offers centrally controlled onboarding of thousands of users. Onboarding happens securely, seamlessly and in line with any compliance requirements

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Security and compliance

Calendars host private and sensitive data that need to be protected, that's why data security is something that we always take very seriously. As your scheduling partner our commitment to keeping your and your users' data safe is something we'll never compromise on. You can choose from five global data centers, to give you peace of mind that your data is hosted in the right way.

Our security and compliance certifications and accreditations mean you can rest assured that Cronofy will meet your requirements. We are continuously working to meet industry and geographical standards - ensuring that our operations are going above and beyond, meeting more than just the bare minimum in compliance.

If you need one of our experts to speak to your team about your specific compliance requirements, that's not a problem. Equally, if you have a question concerning large scale onboarding or compliance see our Enterprise section.

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When you want to integrate with any API, clear documentation is key. It saves your development team time and headaches.

As part of your product evaluation, you'll be looking for confidence in the documentation before embarking on building any integration. If you choose Cronofy you're in good hands. Our documentation has been built by developers for developers, to make this research and implementation as simple as possible. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer to support you in this process.

Try before you buy

At Cronofy, we're in the business of saving time not wasting it. A wrong product choice costs resources to everyone involved. That's why we want you to be sure that Cronofy is the right scheduling partner for your business.

We understand that 30 days isn't always long enough to make a product decision which is why our Free Trial has no time limit. You don’t need to commit to any sales calls or payment details before you give it a try. We want you to be totally confident that Cronofy is the right scheduling partner, before you commit. There are no feature limitations on the trial so you can trial them out and ensure they are a good fit for your requirements.


Our infrastructure is built to scale with you and adapt to the volume of users you require. As you grow, we grow with you. For example when you start to roll out a Cronofy product you might not want all your users to have access to it immediately. Our products are designed to match this strategy and work the same way for 1,000 or 1,000,000 users. We are constantly adding new features to our product, and build them in a way that means you can easily integrate them and deliver new scheduling capabilities to your users.

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Working Together

Driven by a core set of principles, we operate with integrity and transparency in everything we do. Our team of passionate and talented individuals are dedicated to delivering first-class service and products. Partnerships with all of our customers mean a lot to us and it's important that we work together to find the correct combination of products and level of support to suit you and your team.

You're in safe hands. We've built this business from the ground up. We are currently totally self sufficient and financially independent. Ambitious and growing fast off the back of providing a first class service to paying customers.


We pride ourselves on offering first-class Support at all stages of your decision making process. We'll always stay in communication with you and keep you posted on the status of any support ticket you've opened. Great relationships start with excellent communication and we believe in working together to fix any potential issue. Our team are available to answer your questions with fast response times and expertise. Whether your enquiry is technical, product or compliance related or if you need assistance with your build and onboarding, we're here for you.

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Our pricing is totally transparent across all of our products. You'll always know how much and what you'll pay for our service. Our tiered pricing means that you pay for what you're using and our service can grow with you as and when you need it to. We focus on ensuring that the service we deliver is worth more than the price you pay for it.


We understand that choosing your Scheduling provider is only your first step on your journey to save your teams and your users' time. That's why our Success team is there to accompany you from the moment you become a customer to help you make the most of Cronofy. Your success manager will be there to keep you updated on our latest features and how they can benefit your organization.

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