Choose Cronofy, the flexible, secure and cost-effective alternative to GoodTime

With Cronofy’s interview scheduling technology you don’t have to compromise between choosing automation and quickly delivering value to your recruiters. Ask us about our European data hosting and active user pricing!

Integrates with your applicant tracking system

GoodTime users report that it can take several months of implementation before the Go-Live date. With Cronofy, recruiters can schedule interviews in seconds as soon as they’re signed-up!

Our browser extensions allow you to schedule directly from your ATS from day 1 while you build deeper automation with workflows, templates and full ATS integrations.

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Recruitment teams and budgets are getting leaner which means its critical to become more efficient. We also know that the people involved in interviews change based on seasonality and the roles being advertised.

That’s why at Cronofy we don’t believe that the monthly licence model is fit for everyone and we offer active user pricing to our partners.

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Cronofy is a European provider and as such data security and compliance is something we never compromise on. We currently let you choose between 6 data centers, including one in Germany for all of our customers serving EU citizens and who must be GDPR compliant.

GoodTime currently only offers data hosting in the US.

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Thanks to its lightweight design and its extensions Cronofy can easily be used by recruiters as part of their daily processes. It’s built so they can switch between full automation and manual scheduling as required.

GoodTime is designed for coordinators working within large recruitment teams and solely focuses on full automation.

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GoodTime is a great platform but interview scheduling technology is not one-size-fits-all. Talk to our experts to see which solution is best adapted to your team's needs!