A reliable, end-to-end scheduling alternative to GoodTime

Integrate scheduling into your existing tools and enjoy more flexibility without breaking the bank. Cronofy runs in your ATS and gives coordinators more control. Ask about our European Support team!

Schedule interviews without leaving your ATS

Schedule any interview for yourself or other interviewers

From phone screens to panels or back-to-back interviews, Cronofy gives coordinators full visibility into calendars and more control so they can schedule complex meetings faster for anyone.

Impress candidates at Hello

Personalize scheduling links and booking pages for each candidate, allowing them to self-book or reschedule appointments without back-and-forth emails.

One Cronofy account, multiple brands

Shared service? No problem. Manage multiple brands and domains under one account with a consistent experience for your candidates across touchpoints.

Keep your interviewers happy

Keep your teams productive by ensuring everyone gets a fair share of the workload with automated interview rotation and easy-to-set limits.

Schedule with candidates wherever they are

Cronofy booking links support multiple languages and time zones your candidates are in, keeping you competitive in the global job market.

Automate scheduling from day 1

GoodTime users report that it can take several months of implementation before the Go-Live date. With Cronofy, recruiters can schedule interviews in seconds once signed up!

Our browser extensions allow you to schedule directly from your ATS from day 1 while you build deeper automation with workflows, templates, and full ATS integrations.

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Reliable sync with Microsoft Outlook calendars

Cronofy powers scheduling workflows in hundreds of business applications. Many years of supporting Microsoft calendars, from on-premise Exchange to fully cloud-based Microsoft 365 domains, has enabled us to deliver the most robust and reliable sync for these services. You can rely on real-time availability and event updates with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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Cronofy is easy to use and sophisticated when you need it to be

Thanks to its lightweight design and its extensions Cronofy can easily be used by recruiters as part of their daily processes. It’s built so they can switch between full automation and manual scheduling as required.

GoodTime is designed for coordinators working within large recruitment teams and solely focuses on full automation.

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We hold ourselves to the highest security standard

Cronofy is a European provider and as such data security and compliance is something we never compromise on. We are independently audited and certified, and let you choose between 6 data centers, including one in Germany for all our customers serving EU citizens and who must be GDPR compliant.

GoodTime currently only offers data hosting in the US.

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Only pay for what you use

Cronofy is the one solution that scales with you because we know the people involved in interviews change based on seasonality and the open roles. That’s why you only pay when you actively use Cronofy. You also don't have to compromise scheduling speed to cut costs during slow hiring season.

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From a good time, to a great time

Speak to our scheduling experts to learn how Cronofy makes hiring efficient and tailored to your needs.