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Cronofy vs Nylas

Choosing the right scheduling partner for your software is a big decision. Cronofy’s mission is to solve scheduling challenges for every business and their users. Tens of thousands of businesses across the world rely on Cronofy's Scheduling Platform to facilitate their meeting, appointment, and interview scheduling.

1000+ global brands trust cronofy

Cronofy vs Nylas: Products and features

Robust and secure Calendar and Scheduling APIs

We're the business scheduling experts. Cronofy is dedicated to helping software providers embed powerful, reliable, and secure scheduling features into their applications.

Our products are fully customizable. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can build scheduling features with ease and as much complexity as your use case requires.

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Questions to ask when it comes to Enterprise:
  • How does Cronofy secure my data?
  • Where is data located?
  • How do you handle scale or times of increased traffic?
  • Can I onboard my whole organization securely?
  • Will your team help with onboarding our organization?
  • What permissions do you need?
  • Can you read information about events?
Cronofy vs Nylas: Enterprise ready?

Global where it matters

We have six data centers around the world: Canada, US, UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia. Data remains local to the data center it resides in. Central European customers, for example, can store and keep their data in Germany. In addition, Cronofy BV offers European customers the option to have their contract with a European entity and all the compliance reassurance that brings. We adhere to local regulations. GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and are ready to sign DPAs and BAAs on request.

A map of the world.
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Questions to ask when it comes to Privacy and Security:
  • What is an "Express Security Review" and why do I need to pay for it?
  • Are your APIs and operational practices compliant globally, outside the USA?
  • Are you ISO27001 compliant? Are you certified?
  • How will you store my data and where?
  • Can I have copies of your security certifications and accreditations?
  • How long would it take you to notify us of a data breach?
  • Does my data cross any borders? Who are your sub-processors?
Cronofy vs Nylas: Security

Privacy is paramount

Since we founded Cronofy we've been committed to operating in a secure and compliant way. The security of our customer's data is at the forefront of everything we do, from design to delivery.

You can find out more on our Privacy and Security Hub.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

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6 data centers

Canada, US, UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia

ISO27001 & 27018

certified and compliant

99.99% SLA

uptime commitment

3 data centers

Canada, US and Ireland



99.9% SLA

uptime commitment

Cronofy vs Nylas: Support

Our team of experts

We pride ourselves on our first class support and our team of scheduling experts and Engineers are always on hand to ensure that you get the help you need.

  • We'll always get back to you promptly and we're happy to help you onboard your customers too.
  • Technical queries, implementation queries or questions about your account, we're here for you!
  • Everyone gets the same service. Our first-class developer documentation helps you easily integrate your software with our APIs.
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High performers



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Cronofy vs Nylas: Reliability

In safe hands

Cronofy has the most reliable Calendar and Scheduling APIs on the market. Cronofy is committed to transparent and clear communication with customers during incidents. We publish all incidents at and our customers can subscribe to real-time updates. We publish detailed post-mortem reports, detailing the root causes of incidents and the actions we're taking to make sure that they don't happen again.

Scheduling reliability is our priority - it's part of our identity!

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Cronofy vs Nylas: Pricing

No hidden costs

We have transparent, tiered pricing on our website and can accommodate all business sizes, so you can get an idea of the cost of our products - with more affordable packages for start-ups and bespoke pricing for more specific Enterprise requirements. But we're also flexible and consultative, if you need something reach out to us.

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Cronofy vs Nylas: Sales

Our consultative process

When you're making a big decision like purchasing software to integrate with, you'll want access to a range of specialists within the business you’re considering partnering with. Make sure there are technical and non-technical specialists available and that you can forge a good and long-lasting working relationship. A good sales advisor consults and listens sincerely to your requirements, with enough knowledge to help you find solutions that allow you to streamline processes and meet your goals.

“Their service, communication, and support have been consistently great and some of the best I've interacted with. I felt very well-looked after and supported by David Jiang, the technical account manager for my team. Their documentation and online resources are very helpful also.”

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Questions to ask when it comes to working together:
  • What is the rate of customer retention/churn?
  • What do your customers say about you?
  • Are you happy for me to approach them for references?
Cronofy vs Nylas: Working together

We partner with you

“What stood out was that I felt from the very first conversation I had a direct relationship, we felt like we had some input. What I found with Cronofy is before we were customer, as a customer, and after we've been a customer, they’ve treated us the same. We felt like we were being listened to. And that meant something.”

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