Integrate fully customizable scheduling for your users

Cronofy’s white-label API end points and UI elements give you the power to create fully customizable scheduling features embedded into your application. Even for the most complex, multi-person, multi-stage processes.

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Whether you're creating a custom booking experience, searching for availability across multiple providers, or crafting multi-person meetings, Cronofy has you covered.

The Cronofy Availability API powers the scheduling of hundreds of B2B SaaS apps and marketplaces, and has done for years. This experience has been put to good use.

You get buffer times, scheduling quotas, multi-part meetings and a host of other capabilities that we've built to serve the most demanding scheduling use cases.

Create and update events as well as getting real-time updates from your users' calendars.

The foundation of Cronofy's service is our calendar sync engine. This deals with all of the complexity of different calendar providers so you don't have to worry which ones your user's bring.

You get the confidence of reliable, real-time updates. So you can focus on building the features that make your product different.

Every plan comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee so you know that you can rely on us.

Cronofy's suite of UI Elements are designed to be embedded directly into your application. They provide you with pre-built UI to do things like selecting a slot, managing working hours and reviewing team availability.

They don't use iframes but instead sit directly in the DOM of your web app. Meaning that you can easily customize the styling to create your own, white-label experience.

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Calendars can contain both personally and commercially sensitive data. Anyone processing that data needs to be operating with the highest level of security and privacy controls.

Cronofy has taken this a stage further. Our unique sync engine acts as a secure proxy between your application and your customer's calendar data. You choose the level of access that you need.

For example we can mask everything except the free busy information needed to make scheduling decisions, yet still allow your app to create bookings and have full edit control over just those events.

Cronofy operates six independent data centers so you can choose the location that meets your customers' needs.

We believe that data security and location controls should be available to anyone so you can operate in one or all six on any of our API pricing plans for no extra charge.

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