Query real-time availability from your application

Power your white-label scheduling flows with the world's most capable and reliable availability infrastructure.

Combine the availability of multiple people

The way that we've designed the Cronofy Availability API it is as simple to find the times for multiple people as it is for one person. Picking one person from a pool is simple.

Your app decides who is suitable, Cronofy tells you who is available.

But, it doesn't stop there. You can build queries that work with multiple groups, with different availability hours and in different timezones. You can schedule a series of back to back meetings with multiple people.

All with one call to the most power Availability API endpoint on the market.

Read the Availability API docs

Embed real-time slot selection

Integrate real-time slot selection into your application. Cronofy's high availability calendar sync engine ensures your user's only see times that are actually available.

Our customizable date time picker has been built to be embedded in your application so you're in complete control of the look and feel. No iframes just a seamless experience.

Need even more control? Our Availability API can be called directly to allow you to carefully craft the experience.

Read the Date Time Picker docs

Let us handle working hours management

Scheduling is not just about tracking when people are free in their calendar, it's also about when they want to be available. Giving your users control over their working hours is crucial to drive adoption of scheduling features.

Combining Cronofy's Managed Availability and Availability Rules UI element, you can deliver the controls your users need without lots of dev work.

Read about Managed Availability
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