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"The addition of Cronofy to our suite of products has allowed our clients to seamlessly add tasks, reminders and interviews to their external calendars, improving their efficiency and avoiding double-handling."

The Scheduler is a feature rich product. And every one of our objections was solved within a week or so in terms of new development. It’s very easy to use. And in terms of the common use cases, I think it’s really well thought out.”

Cronofy greatly helped us in the early stages of starting our business. By integrating with Cronofy, we were able to save vast amounts of time on writing code and focus on other ways to grow our business.”

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Start building scheduling features with our APIs

Get free, immediate access to our Developer Dashboard, API docs, and UI Elements and start building


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Send personalized scheduling links based on your availability

The Cronofy Scheduler gives your team access to Cronofy's online appointment scheduling platform.


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Unleash the power of Cronofy scheduling in your everyday tools

Powerful and secure scheduling directly from your applications and software including ATS integrations.

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Manually scheduling meetings is time-consuming, especially if you're in a role that requires you to schedule at high volume.  We’ve spoken to our thousands of clients to understand what matters to them. Our scheduling automation solves common problems and makes booking even complicated meetings like multi-participant or sequenced meetings quick and simple. Become more efficient and free up your day to focus on higher-value tasks!

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Privacy & Security

Your privacy

We're the meeting scheduling tool you can trust. We make sure you keep control of your calendar and that it's private to you and those you'd like to share your availability with. Security is at the core of what we do, and we have the best practices to ensure that privacy is never compromised.

Cronofy has achieved both ISO27001 and ISO27018 certifications. We are also SOC2 attested, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

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People are talking about life with Cronofy

"We loved that Cronofy take a strong HIPAA compliant view towards everything like we do. The Private Events feature that Cronofy added saves us lots of time, because we're dealing with someone's personal health information."

Nick Riggall
User and Regulatory Operations Lead

"What stood out was that I felt from the very first conversation I had a direct relationship, we felt like we had some input. What I found with Cronofy is before we were customer, as a customer, and after we've been a customer, they’ve treated us the same. We felt like we were being listened to. And that meant something."

Ken Krieger
Chief Information Officer and Vice President
The Judge Group

"Integrating with Cronofy was really straightforward. Their documentation and support are first-class. We were able to quickly and easily integrate calendar availability into our call scheduling feature without having to worry about setting up several disparate calendar service integrations."

Chris Yancey
Full stack engineer

"Cronofy greatly helped us in the early stages of starting our business. By integrating with Cronofy, we were able to save vast amounts of time on writing code and focus on other ways to grow our business."

Jake Berg
Co-founder & President

"Writing custom integrations for multiple calendar APIs can take months of work with all the configuration and testing. Cronofy’s APIs simplified that process in a fraction of the time. We only have to worry about the actual implementation of our Booking Feature instead of worrying about the overhead of the integration."

Caryssa Perez
Chief Technology Officer
Iris Works

"Cronofy's Calendar API manages to be both very powerful and easy to work with. We were able to build two-way calendar sync in our application in a few weeks. The implementation itself was straightforward and their support team was quick to help with any questions we had."

Albert Armengol
Docplanner Group
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