Send candidates self-scheduling links

Coordinate and automate any type of interview from inside your Greenhouse workflow. Spend less time scheduling and more time closing hard-to-fill roles.
Bulk-schedule screening calls
Set up panel interviews
Book into busy calendars
Coordinate sequenced interviews
Go further with Cronofy in Greenhouse
Cronofy for Greenhouse
Combined panels and dynamic pools
Allow private events
Send separate invites
Add candidate profile and interview kit to interviewers' invite
Sequences (back-to-back interviews)
Schedule more than one interview at once
Override interviewer "busy" times
Auto-schedule when candidate changes process stage

Turn on advanced scheduling faster

Ditch the six-week wait. Start scheduling interviews immediately with our plug-and-play extension that can be customised over time.

Bring the whole team on board quickly and seamlessly with dedicated onboarding support.

Schedule multi-person and multi-stage interviews

Cronofy makes scheduling feel like magic — taking both candidate and interviewer availability into consideration for each interview stage.

No more back and forth and painful workarounds. Within your Greenhouse workflow, simply bind multiple interviewers’ calendar availabilities and invite candidates to interview panels or sequenced interviews.

More control and visibility for coordinators

Control your interviewing experience — choose who gets added to interviews, who can cancel and reschedule, and know precisely when key events are happening. No more chasing anyone down or emailing back and forth.

Automate routine scheduling tasks and workflows with templates that can be changed anytime.

Add context to hiring workflows

Before each interview, Cronofy will aggregate candidate profiles, feedback, and job interview kits into each calendar invite.

Every interviewer gets all the context they need to make better hiring decisions.

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