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Leverage Cronofy‘s fully managed scheduling tooling to integrate multi-person scheduling quickly and with minimal effort.

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The fastest way to add scheduling to your application. Add the Cronofy Embed NPM package to your app and you'll embed all of the capabilities of the Cronofy Scheduler.

It delivers a full set of client and server-side callbacks so you can track when times are selected, rescheduling occurs and much more.

Importantly it will always be up to date with the latest scheduling capabilities offer so you're app will always be at the forefront of scheduling requirements without you having to lift a finger.

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Rescheduling is often the most time-consuming and painful aspect of scheduling. Let Cronofy handle it and notify your application when it is done.

Whether you're using the embedded Scheduler or the Scheduler API, you can control both whether people can reschedule and what happens when they do.

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Most scheduling services only handle one to one meetings. Cronofy is different in that it supports multiple people as standard.

Your users can organize them in groups with complex selection rules that your app can use. Cronofy will tell you who is picked.

Let Cronofy take on the burden of matching to your customers' specific scheduling needs. Your app can just keep in sync and drive the workflows it needs.

Cronofy’s workflow engine will notify your application of meeting bookings, rescheduling, upcoming events and much more.

Configure one web hook for your application and you'll always be up to date. Allowing you to focus on building the features that differentiate your app against your competitors.

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