*Source: Cronofy survey of 2,000 US patients (2021)

Docplanner is the world’s largest healthcare marketplace with more than 20 million monthly users across eight countries.

They’ve built an advanced SaaS solution to help doctors manage their time and communicate with their patients more efficiently. This solution, Docplanner, can be purchased by professionals registered on one of their marketplaces where healthcare professionals can create their profile. It’s built around a calendar interface where doctors can view and manage their schedules.

The Challenge

The Docplanner platform allows doctors to manage their schedules. Patients can also book appointments online via the doctor’s profile, if they choose to set this up. They can also send text messages to their patients, store patient records, and schedule SMS campaigns. For the online medical appointment booking feature to work and to prevent double-bookings, the slot picker presented on the doctors’ profiles needs to reflect the doctor’s schedule in real-time.

The team at Docplanner was also aware that the feature needed to work with the calendar services widely used by Spanish doctors: Google Calendar, but also Office 365 and Outlook.com.

Building robust two-way calendar sync features that work with all major calendar services is no easy feat. It would have taken months for Docplanner’s developers to build full calendar sync, pushing back other important work. This is why they reached out to Cronofy.

The Cronofy’s core technology is a Unified Calendar API that enables two-way, real-time calendar sync between SaaS applications and all major calendar services.

The Solution

Docplanner uses the Cronofy Calendar API to build great scheduling experiences within their software for doctors and patients alike.

When they set up their Docplanner account, doctors have the option to authorize Cronofy to connect to their personal or professional calendar. Their Docplanner platform will then show all the events they have in their calendars and use this information to display their availability when patients are looking to book appointments online.

Events that are added via Docplanner – like training or a day off – can also be added to their Google, Apple, Office365, Outlook.com, or Exchange calendar. They always have an accurate and up-to-date view of their calendar.

Build full calendar sync into your SaaS platform and deliver a better patient experience

If you want to easily connect to the calendars of your users to build great scheduling features then give the Cronofy Calendar API a go.

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