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The Service

What does Cronofy do?

Do I need to connect to different calendar services?

Do I need to enable each calendar service?

How do I control the level of access I have to my users' calendars?

How does Cronofy work?

Which calendar services does Cronofy support?

What is required to integrate my application with Cronofy?

How long does integration with Cronofy take?

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Connecting users' calendars

How do users connect to Cronofy?

Can we white label the authentication process?

What does the user authentication process look like?

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Data Storage

Do you store users’ calendar information?

Where is your data hosted?

Are you GDPR compliant?

Where is your data processing managed?

Are you planning to open a data center in the UK, Australia, Canada, ROW?

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Can I test Cronofy?

How do I activate my application?

Are there any limitations?

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Pricing and Billing

How does your pricing work?

Is it a license model?

How can I upgrade my plan?

What constitutes a user?

What happens if I go over my included user limit?

How is payment managed?

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Technical Support

Where can I get further support?

Do you offer technical review meetings?

Can you do the integration for us?

How do I connect users with Exchange?

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About Cronofy

Where are you based?

What types of businesses use Cronofy?

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Other common questions

Does Cronofy work with different time zones?

How do we set user working hours?

How does Cronofy treat tentative calendar events?

Do you have more questions about Cronofy?

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