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The Cronofy Scheduler gives your teams complete control over their schedules and empowers them to share personalized, real-time scheduling links with their contacts.

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Benefits of using the Scheduler

Personalize your requests
Don't ask your invitees to fill in their information. Send them scheduling links personalized with their details.
Build stronger relationships
Hassle-free scheduling furthers business relationships with good etiquette.
Protect everyone's privacy
Users can decide when they appear free or busy. Calendar access is always secured.
No more back-and-forth
Prevent double-booking. Eliminate the hassle of scheduling via frustrating back-and-forth emails.
Automation made easy
Create scheduling rules and templates to save your team time to spend on high-value tasks.
Put your teams in control
Your teams can choose between sending single-time use scheduling links and public links.

Connect all your team's calendars

Cronofy can connect all of your team members' calendars automatically. Onboarding is secure and straightforward – it only takes a few minutes to equip your team with the power of Cronofy’s automated scheduling.

Everyone has access to their colleague's availability in real-time, and can even schedule on behalf of other team members.

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Your team controls access to their availability

We designed the Cronofy Scheduler with flexibility in mind.

Users can choose to share personalized scheduling links that only require the invitee to pick a time. Alternatively they can share permanent booking links that automatically update with their real-time availability - ideal for sales and consulting teams.

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Embeds into the tools your team uses everyday

We've made it easy to schedule from the tools your team uses daily. The Scheduler embeds into popular business applications and email providers, so there's no need to step away from a platform to schedule meetings.

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The Scheduler key features

Schedule on Behalf of

Schedule meetings on behalf of colleagues or managers, without including yourself. Keep business moving and create a positive first impression.

Scheduling Groups and Rules

Set up groups of team members and apply scheduling automation rules to them – no more back-and-forth emailing to arrange meeting times.

Combined Availability

Add Connected Contacts to the Scheduler and include  both of your real-time availability in the meeting requests you create.

Enterprise -Ready Onboarding

Authorize Cronofy to access the calendars of your entire company domain, speeding up the adoption and giving centralized control.

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Hassle-free interview scheduling

With the Scheduler, candidates get a seamless interview scheduling experience and Recruiters save time to focus on helping companies hire the best talent.

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First-class customer service

The Scheduler considers the specific requirements of customer support teams, empowering them to give your customers an even better experience.

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Here's what our users say

We're the scheduling experts – but don't just take our word for it. Hear from the world's leading companies who already use the Scheduler

"When you work with a lot of business professionals, it's important to make a good impression. There's a certain etiquette of making sure that they're not having to fill out their details unnecessarily. Once we started using the Scheduler, I immediately got a bunch of messages on how easy to use it was."
Tim Mooney
Founder and Principal Advisor, The Maonach Group
"The Scheduler is a feature rich product. And every one of our objections was solved within a week or so in terms of new development. It's something that from an ease of use standpoint - it's very easy to use. And in terms of the common use cases, I think it’s really well thought out."
Ken Krieger
CIO & Executive Vice President, The Judge Group
"I have a lot of emails in my inbox. I respond to them as soon as I can. They respond and there's this back-and-forth dance. All that time, doesn’t work for me anymore. It takes so long by the time we get something scheduled. I used the Cronofy Scheduler to put that right. It’s working so well for booking interviews and supervision sessions.”
Nora K.
Hiring Manager

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Bring the Scheduler's features to the applications and tools that you use every day.

Your privacy is paramount

We make sure you keep control of your calendar and that it's private to you and those you'd like to share your availability with. Security is at the core of what we do and we have the best practices to ensure that privacy is never compromised.

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SOC 2 attested

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HIPAA compliant

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