Schedule complex meetings without the email back and forth

A new approach to scheduling that enables teams to schedule meetings in real-time and get on with their important work.

Powering global hiring teams

Multi-person scheduling

Stop asking everyone for slots for multi-person meetings, just send real-time booking links

So many scheduling tools are great for one to one meetings but can't combine the availability of multiple people. Cronofy is different in that it's been built for teams to schedule without friction.

Whether you're scheduling product demos, panel interviews, or customer success calls, so many important meetings need more than one person on the call.

Use the Cronofy Scheduler to create real-time booking links that dynamically generate free slots that work for everyone, even across different timezones.

Easy rescheduling

Allow rescheduling without lifting a finger

Plans change and any scheduling tool should allow seamless rescheduling no matter how complex the original meeting was. You can choose whether or not you allow rescheduling on every booking link.

International support

Multi-language and timezone support

We live in a connected world and it's important that any tool speaks the language of the people you're booking with. Cronofy booking links support multiple languages and any timezones that your team and customers are in.

Schedule where you work

Plug-ins for browsers and email tools you already use

Schedule direct from your Outlook or Gmail. The Cronofy email add-ins automatically generate links for the people that you're emailing. So you get complete personalization and customization without double entry.

The browser extensions will recognize the contact details from popular business apps like Hubspot and Lever so you can schedule without leaving the tools you use everyday.

Get the extensions you need
Enterprise Connect

Setup zero-touch enrollment for hassle free team onboarding

With zero-touch enrollment, your IT team can auto enroll any number of accounts from your Google or Microsoft directory without needing interviewers to lift a finger. Our admin permissions also allow you to set preferences like working hours on your interviewers behalf.

Privacy & Security

Independently certified for security and privacy with HIPAA compliance

We built Cronofy in Europe with security in mind. Science, medical and legal teams schedule with Cronofy’s privacy-first technology. Users even have the power to choose where their data is hosted with our international data centers.