Appointments are at the core of many businesses. Allowing clients to book online results in business growth but can be a source of additional stress if you’re not using the right scheduling software.

If you have a small business, a website is crucial. GoDaddy offers all the tools entrepreneurs and businesses need to build their online presence. Its drag-and-drop interface makes building a website quick and simple. GoDaddy also takes care of all the ongoing maintenance.

GoDaddy supports various integrations that allow its users to create a better experience for their customers. Users can use these integrations to streamline and monetize their offerings. For users wanting to create an online store for example, secure payments can be processed through PayPal, contact forms can be added, and visitors can subscribe to mailing lists.

The Challenge

GoDaddy helps small businesses build their online presence. Many of these businesses offer services that need customers to book a time slot. For a business to be successful and grow it’s important to fill their calendar with appointments and bookings.

But for small business owners answering a phone call or spending a few hours replying to emails isn’t always an option. They shouldn’t have to choose between doing their job now and booking more work for the future. Business owners also have to juggle between personal and professional commitments. It can be hard to track which day a client is coming in and which day the kids needs to be driven to soccer after school.

But how can users deal with all these commitments when they’re already spending the entire day with clients? And how can they view all their upcoming bookings when they’re always on the go?

GoDaddy’s team was keen to offer an easy-to-use scheduling tool that their users could add to their website. It was also key that it was easy-to-use for website visitors.

To work, this scheduling tool needed to integrate seamlessly with several calendar services and sync events in real-time across multiple devices.

The Solution

After doing their research the development team at GoDaddy decided to leverage the Cronofy Unified Calendar API to build their Appointment Scheduling feature.

This feature allows GoDaddy’s users to sync their professional and personal calendars with their website calendar. This means that when a prospective client wants to book an appointment, the only time slots that will appear free are the ones when the business owner is available.

Once GoDaddy’s user selects the Appointment Scheduling module it’s easy to embed a booking form wherever they want on their website. They can then focus on their work and know that all their new bookings will appear automatically on their calendars.

What’s event more powerful is that by using real-time scheduling alongside payment modules, it’s easy for clients to book and pay for their next appointments in minutes. There’s no fuss, and no time spent chasing down payments or matching bookings and invoices.

How it works

Appointment Scheduling has been integrated seamlessly to GoDaddy’s GoCentral package which includes several solutions – from marketing tools to payment modules – designed to help businesses grow.

The Cronofy Calendar API syncs effortlessly with all major calendar services, meaning this feature works with Google, Apple Calendar,, and Office 365. To benefit from the feature, GoDaddy’s users have to authorize Cronofy to sync with their calendar. They only need to do it once.

With two-way calendar sync, users can always access their up-to-date schedule no matter which device they use. If they make a change on their personal calendar using their smartphone, it’s instantly reflected on their GoDaddy Calendar.

With useful features such as push notifications, calendar events help users to stay on top of all their commitments. No matter where they are or what they are doing.

Get calendar sync and simplify your booking process

If you want to build smart booking workflows and allow your users to focus on high-value tasks, Cronofy can help. Our Calendar API offers a host of advanced features from availability to real-time scheduling. For more information contact us today.

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