The Calendar API for SaaS Companies and Their Customers

Building individual calendar integrations is costly and time-consuming. You also have to deal with ongoing maintenance to ensure that your software works with past, present, and future versions of each calendar service.

We built our calendar API so that you don’t need to worry about any of that. You work with one API, not five. Everything you do will automatically work with all major calendar services.

All our products work together to help you build better scheduling features for your users.

One Calendar API, all the calendars

Our Calendar API connects your software to five major calendar services – Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft, and Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise).

This rapidly reduces how long it takes you to add calendar sync into your software.

Not only that, but your software will appeal to a wider range of customers because it's more likely to work with their chosen calendar service.

Add multi-calendar sync to your software using Cronofy's unified calendar API.

Real-time calendar sync

Prevent double-bookings and create a better user experience with our Availability API.

Each time a request is made to someone's calendar, our API searches for that person's availability in real-time. It will only return times when that person's calendar is empty.

No more double-bookings. No more missed meetings.

You can even add buffers to the times your software searches for. These ensure that there's breathing room between each appointment in your user's calendar.

Cronofy Availability API

Automatically connect to users' calendars

Give your customers full control over who is calendar connected and when with Enterprise Connect.

Connecting dozens – or even hundreds – of calendars can be done from one, centralized system, providing a better user experience for everyone involved.

Employees don’t need to authorize access manually – administrators can connect or disconnect teams and individuals as and when they need to.

Any new team members are automatically connected to your software as soon as their account is set up.

Calendars for bookable resources such as rooms and equipment can also be connected.

Schedule event sequences in seconds

Work out the best day and time for a series of events based on users’ schedules. Instead of it taking hours – or even days – to coordinate everyone’s schedules, it takes no more than a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter how many people or parts are involved – Intelligent Sequencing does all the heavy lifting.

Generate booking links

Create a streamlined booking experience for everyone with our Real-Time Scheduling plugin.

Instead of contacting job candidates individually, one booking link can be sent to everyone. It takes the same amount of time to schedule one interview as it does one hundred. Hiring managers and interview panelists save hours every week, giving them more time to prepare for the interview itself.

Real-Time Scheduling and the OAuth2 page can be customized to match your company's brand, ensuring consistency throughout your users' journey while also offering the security and simplicity of Cronofy.

Send trackable calendar invites

Track if a calendar event has been accepted, declined, or deleted.

See how likely someone is to turn up to an appointment so that your users can reach out to them if they don’t confirm their attendance.

Smart Invites are perfect for one-off calendar events. Whether it’s a candidate your customer wants to interview, a service provider visiting a customer’s house, or a patient with an upcoming medical appointment, Smart Invites are just what you need to help reduce missed appointments.

Smart Invites are billed separately to the rest of our products.

Connect your calendar to your favorite productivity app

As well as offering a range of APIs, we also have a selection of Calendar Connectors.

These allow you to connect your calendar to your favorite productivity apps, making it easier to manage appointments and deadlines.

You don't need any knowledge of software development to use these. Simply connect your calendar and you're ready to go.

Our Calendar Connectors are free to use. Some have paid upgrades available that offer additional features.

To find out more, visit our Calendar Connectors page.

Schedule meetings in Slack with Cronofy's Slack Calendar Connector

Secure calendar connectivity

Protecting your data (and that of your users) is important to us. That's why OAuth2 controls access and security to your users' calendars.

You can also choose to host your data in the US or Germany. Both data centers are fully GDPR compliant and adhere to our stringent data security policies.

For further information on our data security policies, please visit our data security page.

Cronofy offers advanced security when it comes to calendar connectivity

Pricing to suit your needs

Pricing is based on how many users you have, and which features you need.

Plans start at $79 per month for up to 100 users.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

To discuss your needs, get in touch.

Key features

  • Write calendar events

  • Create interview sequences

    Create interview sequences

  • Send booking links

    Send booking links

  • Real-time updates

    Update schedules in real-time

Ross McNairn

“Cronofy lets us focus on our core by saving us time and keeping a tricky domain at arm’s length. It’s well engineered and exceptionally well supported.”

— Ross McNairn, Head of Corporate Travel, Skyscanner

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