Cronofy API Features

Connect your software to your users' calendar

One API for every major calendar service

Building calendar connectivity into applications can be difficult. Different calendar services have different features, meaning developers need to build and maintain independent connections.

Take away the hassle. Add calendar sync into your solutions quickly and easily using the Cronofy Calendar API.

Whether your customers use Exchange, Google, Office 365, iCloud or, it just works.

There's no ongoing maintenance. No need to deal with multiple connections. Your developers are free to focus on delivering high-value features for your customers.

Find the best time for your users to meet in seconds

Coordination, conflicting schedules, and last-minute changes make it time-consuming and stressful to organize meetings. The more options that are added, the more complicated it gets. When organizers factor in meeting room availability, free parking spaces, and the equipment you need, they end up with even fewer times to meet.

The Cronofy Availability API helps you to visualize the availability of your users. This can be done as free/busy information or by accessing specific event details.

Whether they want to meet for an hour on a Monday or book a training session when all trainees have a free afternoon, it’s one call to the Availability API. Your software will even get a notification if schedules change.

Discover how MHR use the Cronofy Calendar API.

“With Cronofy, we achieved the calendar integrations we thought would take months in just a few days. We've been able to expand into new product lines and delight our customers with seamless calendar flows. Cronofy has really helped accelerate our business.”

— Reilly Davis, Co-Founder and CTO, PeopleGrove

Eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls

Using Real-Time Scheduling, users can send a link containing a list of times to the person they're meeting. Recipients can then choose the best time for them, based on the real-time availability of everyone attending.

This helps hiring managers schedule interviews, but can be used in a range of situations. Whether it's medical appointments, property viewings, or sales meetings with prospects, if your platform needs to arrange an event between busy people, Real-Time Scheduling is just what you need.

If you need to schedule interview sequences, Intelligent Interview Sequencing takes things even further. It works out the best time based on when attendees are free and in what order they need to meet people.

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Connect your software to a company's calendar domain

Dealing with large organizations? Getting everyone within it to connect their calendars to your software can be a pain.

Create a smooth customer experience for your users from their very first day.

Authorize connectivity to every calendar on a company domain at the same time with Enterprise Connect. Connect instantly to the calendars of every user, room, and resource. New calendars are automatically added, too.

Individual users don't need to go through an authorization process. They get the benefits of calendar sync as soon as the company domain is connected.

“At MHR we are always looking for ways to provide our users with a technical edge. Integrating with Cronofy allows us to offer great scheduling features to our users directly from interfaces they are familiar with – their calendars.”

— Anton Roe, CTO, MHR

Use all calendars as interfaces to your app

Your users are like you. They have busy schedules and countless commitments. They don’t have time to switch between apps, their personal calendars, and their professional calendars to make sure that they're not double-booking themselves.

Get all your users' calendars connected. That way, it's easier for them to manage their time. Especially when your software is aware of their busy schedules. You then have all the information you need to provide them with great features that fit seamlessly into their lives.

You could even use the calendars on their phones, tablets, and computers as interfaces into your software. How cool is that?

Secure calendar connections

Calendars contain personal information. That's why our data security complies with even the most stringent data protection policies. We encrypt all the data handled by our services to ensure the privacy of our clients and their users.

By choosing to only access free/busy calendar information, you don’t need to worry about hosting and securing sensitive data. You can also choose whether to host your data in the US or the EU.

Enterprise Connect gives you even more control. It creates just one entry point into an organization's calendar domain. That means there’s only one entry point to secure and monitor instead of hundreds or even thousands.

Cronofy powers...

Get calendar connected

Discover how our solutions could help you add advanced calendar connectivity to your software. Contact us today.

“Real-time calendar integration, no matter what calendar service is used, would have been a costly investment for our development team. The Cronofy Calendar API allowed us to connect with the calendars of our users with ease. We can now focus on building smart calendar-based features into our platform. ”

— Nicolas Dieumegarde, Product Owner, Personio