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Any Calendar Connected

Calendar integration doesn’t have to be a struggle. Create, manage and monitor the activity of calendars and events on Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and

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Book meetings when everyone is available

Getting people together is hard work. Coordination, conflicting schedules and last minute changes make it time consuming and a hassle for everyone involved.

The Cronofy Availability API helps you find the best time for your users to get together. Whether they want to meet for an hour on a Monday, book a training session when all trainees have a free afternoon or book the next available plumber to fix that leak, it’s just one call to the Availability API. We’ll even notify you if anyone cancels.

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“Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It's so easy to authorize and get up and running!”

— Leah Hutcheon, CEO, Appointedd

Use all calendars as interfaces to your app

The calendars in every pocket and on every desktop are how your users manage their time. With Cronofy you can use those calendars as an intuitive interface into your software.

Users can manage the bookings, meetings and events of your service directly from their calendars, resulting in more interactions with your software and a great user experience.

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Show all upcoming events in one place

Your clients and users are like you. They have busy schedules and numerous commitments. They don’t have time to switch between apps and their personal and professional calendars to make sure that they are not double-booking themselves.

Integrate the Cronofy Calendar API to make your app aware of your users’ busy schedules. We’ll get all their calendars connected and give you all information you need to provide great features that fit perfectly into the lives of your customers.

Dom Finn

“The Cronofy API is a first class implementation and makes calendar integration super simple.”

— Dom Finn, CTO, North 51

Every Company Calendar Connected

with Enterprise Connect

If you're dealing with whole organizations it can be cumbersome to have every one of their users to connect their calendars to your software.

Enterprise Connect allows you to authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go. This gives you access to the calendar of every user, room and resource for that domain. You even have access to new calendars as they’re added.

By removing the need for individual users to go through a process of authorizing their calendars, Enterprise Connect allows you to create a smooth customer experience with users’ calendars already synchronized when they use your software.

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