The Calendar API for SaaS companies and their customers

Read, write, and edit events in your users’ calendars no matter what calendar service they use with our Unified Calendar API. Everything happens in real-time and your users’ data is always secure.

Cronofy works with

Unified Calendar API

One Calendar API, all the calendars

Build real-time, two-way and secure calendar sync between your applications and your users’ calendars. Our Calendar API connects your software to five major calendar services – Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft, and Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise). This means that you only have to work with one calendar API, not five.

Developers only have to build and maintain one set of connections – Cronofy takes care of the rest. This drastically reduces how long it takes you to add full calendar sync to your applications and software.

Reduce development time

Build the scheduling features your users need

Building individual calendar integrations is costly and time-consuming. Your development team also has to deal with ongoing maintenance to ensure that your software works with past, present, and future versions of each calendar service.

We built our calendar API so that you don’t need to worry about any of that. Everything you build will work with all major calendar services.

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Embedded calendar sync for your web applications

Agenda View UI Element

We see a lot of our customers build user interface elements to deliver scheduling with Cronofy APIs. So we decided to build a suite of UI Elements for you.

The Agenda View UI Element leverages our Unified Calendar API to sync the UI with the connected calendar. The Agenda View displays a single-day period and only shows time slots for existing events.

The primary view is a column of event summaries, with the ability to navigate to the next or previous day. Clicking an event reveals the full details for that event.

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Real-time calendar sync

We tell you when changes happen

With the Cronofy Unified Calendar API, you can set up push notifications to notify your application whenever something changes in a user’s calendar. We have solved the real-time calendar sync challenge to ensure your application is always up-to-date.

Your users don’t have to wait 24 hours for an event to appear in their application after they add it to their calendars. With Cronofy’s calendar sync technology, you can help your users prevent double-booking and reduce the amount of time they spend rescheduling events.

Secure calendar sync

Don't worry, we keep your data safe

Protecting your data (and that of your users) is paramount to us. That’s why we use OAuth2 to control access and security to your users’ calendars. You can also choose to host your data in the US or Germany. Both data centers are fully GDPR compliant and adhere to our stringent data security policies.

For further information on our data security policies and to learn about how we encrypt our data, please visit our data security page.

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Calendar API

Key Benefits

Works with all major calendars

Create great scheduling experiences without having to build and maintain calendar integrations with each major calendar service provider.

Real-time sync

Cronofy has built a best-in-class sync engine that keeps everything up to date in real-time. No double-bookings and no time spent rescheduling meetings.

Save development time

In the time it would take you to build something that works with one calendar service, you can build something that works with five.

Secure calendar user data

You can decide to only access free/busy information if you don't want to access, protect and encrypt calendar data.

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