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Pinpoint is an all-in-one talent acquisition platform that helps recruiters attract, hire, and retain top talent. Their platform is used by thousands of talent acquisition and recruitment teams worldwide, with headquarters in the UK.

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“Cronofy has been a big enabler for us in terms of attracting new business. There were lots of customers two years ago that loved everything about Pinpoint, but couldn’t use us because we couldn’t meet their interview scheduling needs. Now we have the Cronofy API, our customers have gained all the other benefits of the Pinpoint product that previously were roadblocked.”

Tom Hacquoil

Co-Founder and CEO
Customers have saved hundreds of hours a year
Increased business from large companies

Pinpoint was founded in 2017 by Co-Founders Bill Rogers, Tom Luce, and Tom Hacquoil, with a mission to create an Applicant Tracking System that has everything a recruiter needs in one place. In such a saturated industry, Pinpoint sets themselves apart by providing super fast customer service, with their average response time being just 57 seconds, and emphasizing long term customer success, aiming to stay with them over the course of their recruitment journey.

They also place importance on the user experience and design of their product. When building Pinpoint, they wanted to make sure it was equally intuitive and adaptable to the needs of talent acquisition teams, hiring managers, and candidates.

Pinpoint has a wide customer size range across 50 countries worldwide. They cater to many different types of companies. From small teams of 20 people to large companies of 60,000 and didn’t want to deprive any of them from using the product to their full advantage. Because of this, they provide a headcount-driven pricing structure so none of their features are gated to any of their customers.

This makes it vital that their platform consistently meets the requirements of every different size of business they serve. As they put such a focus on customer success, Pinpoint consistently makes improvements to their product to ensure their customers stay loyal. It’s not just about the recruiter for Pinpoint, but also the candidate experience. A slick and enjoyable recruitment process is crucial to keep candidates engaged.

The Challenge

As Pinpoint focuses so heavily on support and success, they speak to existing and prospective customers all the time and rely on their feedback to identify needs for new features. Early on, they heard from recruiters using Pinpoint that it was frustrating to step away from the platform to schedule interviews via back-and-forth emails or calls, which also had a negative impact on the candidate experience.

So the Pinpoint team built an automated interview scheduling solution where interviewers could manually enter their available interview time slots and then allow candidates to self-schedule within those slots. However, the functionality still didn’t fully solve the problem, because it couldn’t yet integrate with users’ calendars. The interview team still needed to step away from the platform to review their calendar and set aside blocks of time for interviews manually.

And larger businesses in particular still didn’t have the complex interview scheduling capabilities they needed. These bigger companies needed scheduling for multiple assessment days, as well as panel or sequenced interviews. Adding even more complexity, every Pinpoint customer was using different calendar providers, which required a different connector to be built for each one, which required a lot of time and resources.

Pinpoint was at a crossroads. They could either take resources away from their core product to work on building direct integrations with multiple calendar tools, or they could find a partner to help them integrate so their team could stay focused on the core product. They chose the latter option and started to look for an API provider with a ready-made scheduling solution to integrate with.


Pinpoint knew they needed an expert provider with a ready-to-use scheduling platform, who they could trust to provide a solution as high-quality and intuitive as the rest of their platform. They evaluated several different scheduling providers before they came across Cronofy. The Cronofy scheduling API stood out as it met the Pinpoint team’s high standards for design, which meant it could seamlessly integrate with  their product.

It was also important for Pinpoint to find a solution that was able to meet all the requirements their customers had in terms of complex interview use cases. Cronofy made it possible to automate panel, group, or sequenced interviews with our scheduling API; all the Pinpoint users would need to do was set up the scheduling groups and rules from their account.

Now when an interview is scheduled, the interviewers are selected from a preset pool according to their availability. Availability and events are updated in real-time, and an email invite with a video conferencing link is sent to all participants automatically – no need for manually inputting information into calendars.  Scheduling on behalf of hiring managers was also crucial for those recruiters at large companies who were volume hiring, ensuring they stayed in control of the process and kept scheduling efficient.

Pinpoint also prioritized in-depth, high-quality documentation to ensure the API implementation went as smoothly as possible. The development team found Cronofy’s documentation to be the best in comparison to competitors, and made the integration process easy.

“The quality and breadth of the API documentation definitely stood out to us, which obviously as an API product is very important. It really resonates with our Engineers when they see stuff that's well designed and well documented.”

Tom Hacquoil | Co-Founder and CEO

Security and compliance was also a high priority for Pinpoint, as they deal with vast amounts of candidate data, security and compliance was high up the list of priorities.  and getting access to different stakeholders’ calendars. The variation of customers meant some had particularly stringent compliance programs, and so it was important to work with a provider that adhered to GDPR, which a lot of American solutions don’t. As Cronofy adheres to the highest level of compliance through consistent auditing and certification updates, this was a big selling point.

The Results

As Cronofy regularly updates and improves the scheduling API, this isn’t a concern for Pinpoint. They can trust that their scheduling features are always secure and maintained to a high standard, which saves considerable time for their development team, freeing them to build more features for their users.

“I think the biggest benefit of Cronofy is that it enables us to rapidly respond to the ever-changing landscape of interview scheduling without having to have a team of 26 people internally focused on solving these problems. It frees our developers up to do higher-value work.”

Tom Hacquoil | Co-Founder and CEO

Cronofy's features have also been used by the Pinpoint sales team as a unique selling point, helping grow their customer base while keeping their existing customers happy. They have been able to better meet the needs of larger organizations as they can now deal with more complex interview scheduling use cases like scheduling for panel, sequenced, or group interviews. This teamed with the high levels of security make it the ideal solution for businesses that deal with a lot of client and candidate data.

The level of support provided by Cronofy has impressed the Pinpoint team and created a strong partnership. They’ve used Cronofy’s scheduling platform for the last three years and have often been introduced to scheduling features they wouldn’t have necessarily thought of themselves.

What next?

Pinpoint wants to keep improving their scheduling capabilities with Cronofy, focusing particularly on group interview scheduling, as well as automatically managing hiring managers’  availability.

Save your users time to spend on what really matters with seamless automated scheduling features.

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