Perfectly synchronized online bookings with Appointedd

Appointedd is an intelligent booking software that uses Cronofy to automatically ensure no user receives an appointment that clashes with another.

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"Working with Cronofy to provide our customers with two-way calendar sync was really efficient. The API is consistent and well-documented, and the support is first class. They even added a feature to fit our needs!"

Billy Jones

Lead Developer, Appointedd

Appointedd provides a gorgeous online booking and CRM service for businesses. It enables their customers to take bookings on their website, Facebook page or through a branded microsite.

They give their customers a great online booking experience, but they wanted to make it more than just great. Most online booking platforms require their users to manually maintain their availability to ensure their customers aren't making bookings when they're not available.

By synchronizing availability from their customers' calendars with their online booking platform, Appointedd automatically removes slots as soon as something is booked in. So be it a booking they've made manually, a business meeting, or something more personal, their customers know that if it's in their calendar, they won't receive a booking that clashes.

How it works

They do this by using Cronofy’s Push Notification service to notify their platform of any changes to their customers’ calendars. Rather than having to poll their customers’ calendars, the Appointedd platform is notified any time a customer changes something in their calendar. This makes the functionality simple to build and inexpensive to run.

And it’s not just about availability. Appointedd can also push bookings directly into their customers’ calendars the moment they are made, putting the information their users need right where they need it the most.

The Event Creation service allows them to insert bookings into their customers calendars and keep them up to date. Like all of our customers, the real business benefit comes from being able to do this for all calendar services through one API. You don’t have to build and maintain integrations to all of the calendar services your customers could be using.

Instead, Appointedd focuses on delivering an exemplary booking and CRM experience and lets Cronofy deal with the complexities of calendar integration.

"The integration with Cronofy has been a fantastic value add to our clients. Often, our customers run their whole business on Appointedd, so being able to fully synchronise their Appointedd calendar with their personal calendar means they can manage their time most efficiently.

The two-way synchronization means that they never have to duplicate any work, and their whole life is managed in one place – so whether it’s an important meeting, a customer appointment or their child’s birthday party, they know that Appointedd and Cronofy have them covered.

The integration itself was a straightforward project and the lines of communication were open between our two development teams. The API is well documented, and the technology itself is super powerful. We would recommend an API integration with Cronofy to anyone looking to hook external calendar functionality to their app."

Leah Hutcheon, Founder & CEO | Appointedd

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