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Industry-leading recruitment software provider JobAdder is dedicated to optimizing hiring processes everywhere by providing a unique user-friendly service with innovative features and clever integrations.

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Calendar API

"The addition of Cronofy to our suite of products has allowed our clients to seamlessly add tasks, reminders and interviews to their external calendars, improving their efficiency and avoiding double-handling. Customers are loving the integration and that makes for happy Customer Support reps here at JobAdder."

Jez Louise

Head of Support, JobAdder
Calendar API

Industry-leading recruitment software provider JobAdder is dedicated to optimizing hiring processes everywhere by providing a unique user-friendly service with innovative features and clever integrations.

Using JobAdder, recruiters can do everything from implementing job portals to managing customer relationships all from one convenient location.

One important element of the service is giving customers the ability to seamlessly sync tasks in JobAdder with their own native calendar of choice. To achieve this, JobAdder employed the use of the Cronofy API.

How it works

Cronofy can be activated with ease in JobAdder’s ‘Apps & Add Ons’ section, enabling users to schedule tasks from within JobAdder that will automatically be populated into their external calendar. On initial authorization, JobAdder uses Cronofy’s ‘List Calendars‘ functionality to allow users to select the calendar they wish their JobAdder Tasks to be synced to. The CRUD operations on calendar events ensures JobAdder Tasks are synced with those in the user’s calendar.

“Cronofy’s adaptability and simplicity is very appealing. JobAdder teams received great support and training when setting up the Exchange Service integration, which was greatly appreciated! Cronofy also does not require a lot of maintenance after set up, which is hugely beneficial.”

Sarah Lee, Digital marketing specialist

Ultimately, Cronofy creates a link between a JobAdder user’s main workspace and their nominated external calendar that allows users to better manage their workflow and to benefit from efficient automatic time management as a result. Calendar notes are created automatically in real-time from within JobAdder and as Cronofy is compatible with all email providers, users don’t have to think twice once it’s set up. Automatic task scheduling features prevent double handling and eliminate the potential for human error involved in managing calendar notes, ensuring that the appointments of recruiters, employers and jobseekers run smoothly.

JobAdder’s extended functionality through its integration with Cronofy allows it to offer even more value to its customers and ensures a competitive edge in the demanding recruitment software market.

"At JobAdder, we pride ourselves on simplicity and accessibility and look for similar attributes in any integration we choose to provide to our clients.

When we evaluated Cronofy as a potential calendar integration, we found it to be an extremely user-friendly and effective solution to help us connect JobAdder tasks with the user’s external calendar.

Since partnering with Cronofy, our clients have found it to be easy to set up and a great “set and forget” feature. Cronofy is an excellent value add to our clients who constantly move between using JobAdder and their external calendar during their day, improving their overall workflow. We have found that Cronofy helps us to achieve what we aim to do for recruitment professionals all over the world: to alleviate a lot of the manual administrative tasks associated with recruitment.

Integrating with partners like Cronofy who make the process seamless also reduces the number of questions and issues that get raised to our Support team, which results in a win-win situation for everyone."

Erin Chmelik | Product Manager, JobAdder

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