Estate agent favorite Rezi is a super-smart CRM platform that enables realtors to optimize their time, information and data for unparalleled success.

The brainchild of renowned property software experts Dezrez, Rezi is the one-stop solution for intelligent client and property matching, efficient lets and sales management, and developing effective customer relationships.

Rezi utilizes cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the game, which is why partnering with Cronofy made sense for optimizing its calendar functionality. A key feature of Rezi’s system is the ability for agents to display and edit their appointments, both for their own use and the rest of the team’s.

The Challenge

Every user needs real-time availability of calendar information, but not every user remembers to keep their schedule updated when it means manually inputting information in multiple places. Just a small lapse in memory can mean an annoyed client or manager, or even a lost sale.

As Rezi prides itself on making estate agent practices run as efficiently and intelligently as possible, this was a big potential pitfall. All users need to have access to scheduling details anywhere, anytime, with complete confidence that the information is accurate and secure.

The Solution

By introducing the Cronofy API into their service, Rezi was able to meet these vital requirements for their users and reduce the amount of user admin time needed while maximising reliability. Now, estate agents simply select their choice of calendar via a dropdown menu to add their professional schedule to Rezi, and appointments are automatically added and kept up to date.

In addition to reducing friction and maintaining Rezi’s reputation as a user-friendly platform, this method ensures that users stay in control of their personal information and what they choose to share at all times. As data can be imported from any calendar service, it also means no workflow changes: estate agents can continue to use iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, or Office365 in line with their preferences. Agents know they can trust appointments and availability in Rezi to have real-time accuracy – no questions asked.

Through integrating with the Cronofy API, Rezi benefits from:
  • Reliable real-time availability information – Every calendar is kept up to date automatically, making it easy to see available slots and scheduled bookings.
  • Seamlessly controlled team- and company-wide calendar sharing – Users control the information they share to maintain privacy and professionalism.
  • Easy multi-client scheduling – Agents and managers can see and schedule appointments easily with an unlimited number of customers.
  • Scalable scheduling – No matter how many calendar users are added, performance remains optimized.
  • At-a-glance planning – Users can see which days and times are the most popular, and managers can see where their agents are spending their time.
  • Optimal reliability – The system handles the information rather than the user, cutting down on admin and ensuring real-time accuracy.
  • No workflow or software changes – Estate agents can still use their preferred choice of calendar service, and everything sits within Rezi for easy access.
  • On the go accessibility – As Rezi can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device, fluid calendar integration makes remote working (and remote team management) much easier, giving estate agents the flexibility they need to extend their reach.

With Cronofy, users at all levels have greatly reduced time spent on tedious admin tasks, leaving them free to focus on what they do best – selling.

How it works

Calendar filtering is used to ensure that only data from selected calendars is added to Rezi: crucial for agents who have a number of calendars for personal and professional areas of their life.

Push notifications are sent to users when changes are made to a calendar so everyone is automatically kept up to date on their mobile devices – particularly important with the amount of time estate agents spend out and about.

Markup can be used within events so that agents have direct links to all the information they need about properties and prospects, creating an efficient workflow and reducing the risk of error.

The Cronofy API helps Rezi maintain its high standards and renowned user experience by ensuring its scheduling functionality – and users – stay ahead of the game.

It’s a given that integrating with Cronofy delivers benefits to our clients but there is value for us too. No other estate agency software provider offers two-way email and calendar sync beyond Outlook, which is fairly limiting for our market. This means we are the first to offer a way for estate agents to be truly plugged into the office from any device when they are out with clients.

It’s such a simple process for our customers to set up. We send them an email, they click a link, and choose which provider they want to connect to Rezi, and the rest of the work is done behind the scenes. Thereafter, any changes made on a calendar or email communication that comes in are updated in Cronofy, which updates Rezi. It’s quite something for our customers no longer having to catch up on admin at the end of the day. But most importantly, because they have the most up to date information at their fingertips, they never miss an opportunity to make a sale.

The benefits don’t stop there though; estate agents love the fact they can select whether or not to receive notifications on their mobile whilst they’re on holiday, for example. If they want to, they can just access the Rezi calendar in the same way they would choose a ‘public holiday’ calendar or ‘birthdays’. The deal clincher for most markets will be security. As well as business critical data being protected with OAuth2 security, any ex-employee can be remotely deleted via Rezi so company information remains in the walled garden.

Ian Pearce
CTO at Dezrez Rezi
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