About Cronofy Engineering

Complimentary to how we operate as individuals, guided by our company principles, is the way we build Cronofy itself.

These are the principles we use when making the day-to-day decisions about Cronofy's Scheduling Platform.

Our Enginering Principles

How we approach building Cronofy

Never gonna let you down

Customers are putting their time in our hands. We honor that by building a secure, stable platform that they can rely on and is respectful of their privacy.

Big impact without a big bang

We're breaking new ground. There's often not a known playbook for us to follow.

To minimize wasted time and reduce risk we break our work into small, frequently deployed chunks which teach us more about our domain. As we learn more, we can have more confidence about the areas that deserve further investment.

Team work makes the dream work

Nothing is developed in a vacuum. We work in the open with our fellow engineers, our customers, product, sales, marketing, and support to develop the right features, at the right time, communicated in the right way.

No known bugs

To maintain speed we fix bugs as they are found, and prevent their return through automated tests. Bugs are ballast that slows us down. We carry bugs for as short a time as we can so we're always building on solid ground.

Delight our future selves

We focus on our immediate needs but we keep the wider picture of what we expect to be building later in mind. When there's a choice to be made we choose the route that makes future enhancements easier.

The 8×8.vc service is designed to provide on demand access to secure video meetings for anyone with a web browser. We’re genuinely excited that Cronofy is bringing this capability to any service that they’re powering scheduling for.

Tim Mooney
Head of Product, Video Collaboration - 8x8
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"Founded by two engineers, quality software engineering is at the heart of everything we do at Cronofy. We're custodians of people's schedules, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Cronofy has allowed me to create a company and engineering team that I would have jumped at the chance to join. That means giving engineers problems, not solutions, allowing them the opportunity to make their mark. You don't have to argue for best practices here; they're expected.

Doing things well is table stakes. The most exciting discussions come from deciding how well pragmatic is at that moment. I strive to give people the opportunity, support, and resources to develop, and I hope we can keep up with them!"

Team testimonials

Chris Nevett

Senior Software Engineer

Cronofy is a place for developers who like to build products and solutions for people, not just write lines of code to close JIRA tickets. The whole development team is empowered to contribute to all aspects of a given product or feature, from user experience and solution design all the way through to (of course) actually building the thing! If this sounds good to you, you'll fit right in.

Chris Taylor

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

I’m very happy at Cronofy, I’m part of a very friendly and talented team. I had no experience of Kubernetes or Terraform when I joined, so we really do mean that familiarity with the stack isn’t essential. This presented me with the challenge of applying familiar techniques to new technologies and tooling, which I’ve really enjoyed. I’m empowered and trusted to implement my own solutions but also have a fantastic engineering team to lean on if needed.

Shannon Walker

Senior Software Engineer

Working at Cronofy has been an amazing experience so far. The culture and type of work I've been doing have been both satisfying and challenging. I love that I am able to dig deeper into areas that are often overlooked, like web accessibility. There is a constant strive for improvement and a willingness to have open conversations and try new things. Everyone is encouraged to have a voice in discussions, which as someone who hesitates to speak up, has been really great.

Ad Whittingham

Principal Software Engineer

I’m incredibly happy being a part of Cronofy - it’s a very fulfilling place to be an engineer! We are given problems to solve, rather than steps to take, and the team values a cooperative and constructive culture; we are always striving to improve both our products and ourselves. If you’re looking for a role where you can have a real impact and grow, I can’t recommend it enough.

Working for Cronofy

Come and join our fast growing team

We're a high-growth, product-focused company led by a successful serial entrepreneur. Cronofy is at that exciting stage where every person that joins the team can have a major hand in our success and rapidly advance their careers in the process.

There are no open roles in our engineering department at the moment.

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