Effortless calendar management for photographers with Iris Works

Effortless calendar management for photographers with Iris Works

Industry: Other

Language & Framework: Ruby on Rails

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing Iris Works

Iris Works is an all-inclusive cloud based studio management system built for photographers by photographers. Iris Works focuses on being easy to use, set up and manage to give photographers more time to let their creativity run free.

Photographers are often small-business owners who have to juggle between their photography work, growing their business and their personal life. This is why being able to see and manage all their upcoming work and commitments from a single place is so important. Iris Works’ system provides calendar management for a user’s photography sessions. Users add all of their photography sessions into their Iris Works calendar to take advantage of the platform benefits.

The Cronofy integration has been a huge selling point for Iris Works. Photographers typically manage at least 2 calendars, and with our Cronofy integration our users can easily connect their calendars and manage their businesses more effectively.

Meredith Gradle, CEO & Founder | Iris Works

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The Challenge

With the majority of their users handling a personal calendar, business calendar and sometimes even a family calendar, and using different calendar services to do so – Iris Works needed to offer clients the ability to view those calendars via their Iris Works calendar to avoid double booking or conflicting events. The company also wanted photographers to be able to easily add and change Iris Works events from their mobile devices. Iris’ development team was looking for a calendar API that wouldn’t force them to spend time and resources building a different calendar integration for each calendar services.

The Solution

The Cronofy Calendar API was a perfect fit to Iris Works’ needs. Our API aims to make calendar integration and management easy for everyone. We believe that it shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to connect several calendars into a management system and start adding and managing events. Integration of the Cronofy API with Iris’ studio management system means that photographers can now manage all their upcoming sessions and work via their Iris interface without running the risk to book two sessions at the same time or have a work event conflicting with a personal engagement. Even better, because Iris Works utilizes our two-way synchronization feature, users can update an event on Iris and it will also be updated on their other calendars, particularly useful with something like a calendar shared with the rest of the family!

Amongst the features of the Cronofy API, the development team at Iris particularly appreciated how easy it is to connect calendars to the management system, which is ideal for busy users looking to save time and don’t want to be burdened by a cumbersome set-up process.

Cronofy took something that looked incredibly daunting and made it easy. We were looking at writing custom integrations for a few calendar services, but by using Cronofy we were able to connect to several in far less time. They have libraries for many commonly used languages which saved us from writing any of the boilerplate networking code, and their notification channels mean we get updates as they happen rather than needing to poll for changes.

Greg Woods, Lead Developer | Iris Works


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