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Availability API

Find when people are free to meet

Give your users the availability information they need to organize meetings and interviews. With the Availability API, developers can query multiple calendars to find when several calendar users are free at the same time.

It returns the availability of calendar users based on their real-time schedules. As soon as users add events to their calendars the time slots will immediately appear as unavailable.

Your users only have to grant Cronofy access to their calendars once. This can be done either through our standard authorization flow or using Enterprise Connect.

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Real-Time Scheduling

Create and send booking links

Our Real-Time Scheduling API can generate and share unique booking links with users whose calendars aren’t connected to Cronofy.

The booking link surfaces the availability of users whose calendars are connected to Cronofy. This information is provided through our Availability API. The booking link can be sent via email to external invitees. Once the external invitee clicks on the link they will be presented with a slot picker. They can then choose the day and time that works best for them.

This product is often used by HR software to let candidates pick their interview time based on the interviewers’ availability.

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Sequenced Availability

Schedule event sequences in seconds

Using Cronofy’s Sequenced Availability API, you can set up rules to schedule even the most complex event sequences in seconds. Each event in the sequence can be connected to the availability of a different calendar user – or group of calendar users – to find the most suitable day and time for the sequence of events to happen.

It doesn’t matter how many people or parts are involved – the Sequenced Availability API does all the heavy lifting. This product is ideal to schedule assessment days and multi-part interviews.

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Bookable Events

Track event registrations

Track how many people have signed up to an event with Bookable Events. This information can then be used to limit the number of attendees to an event. Time and duration for the event can also be set.

Should someone cancel their booking, their slot will automatically reopen to be available for someone else.

Employee training, an example of how you can use Bookable Events
User Interface Elements

Embedded calendar sync on your website or application

UI Elements are JavaScript components that are designed to be embedded within your web application. They leverage our APIs to help you deliver seamless scheduling solutions. Our Availability Viewer and Slot Picker UI Elements use our Availability API to share the real-time availability of connected calendars.

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