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Availability information

Know when calendar users are free

Meetings, appointments, and interviews are key events in any business. But organizing them isn’t easy. Making sure that people are free to meet can save hours of back-and-forth correspondence. It also makes everyone’s life easier.

Missed appointments, double-bookings, and co-ordinating attendees costs time and money. The more people that are involved, the more difficult it gets.

The Availability API checks the real-time availability of invitees so your users can schedule appointments that everyone will attend.

When calendar users grant Cronofy access to their calendars, scheduling becomes easy.

Global brands deliver better scheduling with Cronofy


How it works

Query your users' calendars

The Availability API returns the shared availability of calendar users based on their schedules. Everything happens in real-time. If an event is added to one calendar that time slot will immediately appear as unavailable for all the calendars you query.

The Availability API can be used to find when people are free. When calendars are set up for resources such as meeting rooms, these can also be factored into availability queries.

Calendar users have to authorize Cronofy to connect with their calendars. This can be done either through our standard authorization flow or using Enterprise Connect.

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Use cases

Handle complex scheduling instantly

More people in more meetings means more complexity and greater costs.

Take yearly appraisals. Hundreds of staff members need to meet with their line managers, but there are only a handful of meeting rooms available.

For most companies, this means weeks of scheduling for HR teams. When they use a software that can check the availability and book meetings in real-time, the whole process is automated.

The Availability API can tell you when every member of staff, their manager, and a meeting room are available.

User Interface Elements

Availability Viewer

User Interface Elements are are javascript components that are designed to be embedded within your web application. The Availability Viewer UI Element is an advanced slot picker tool that leverages our Availability API to present free time slots in an interactive, week-based, calendar interface.

Learn more about the UI Elements

One of UpCounsel’s main value propositions is connecting customers with highly qualified attorneys quickly and effortlessly. With Cronofy, our users can schedule calls with lawyers within minutes. Our lawyers also love it because they spend less time coordinating calls and instead can focus on helping their clients.

Jaya Pareek
Product Manager - UpCounsel

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Frequently asked questions

What does Cronofy do?

Cronofy provides real-time and secure two-way calendar sync so that software and applications can connect with their users’ calendars no matter what calendar service they use.

How does Cronofy work?

Cronofy allows developers to build software that connects with multiple calendar services while working with one API. This saves them time, saves businesses money, and makes the ongoing maintenance of building calendar connectivity easier for everyone.

What do I need to integrate my application with Cronofy?

You set the rules and must provide the UI for your application. You need to integrate our authentication process and use our API to retrieve calendar data. Cronofy is responsible for ensuring the application receives the calendar data.

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