Availability API

Real-time bookings when everyone is available

The Cronofy Availability API helps you find – in real time - the best time slots for your users to get together

Lloyd Price

“Real time booking is at the heart of what we do at Zesty. Cronofy has allowed us to deliver that rapidly and reliably.”

— Lloyd Price, COO, Zesty

Automatic real-time scheduling

Scheduling is tough. Missed appointments, double-bookings and the cost of co-ordinating attendees costs time and money, and the difficulty grows with more people involved.

With Cronofy's Availability API, developers can build real-time scheduling into the flow of their applications and enable new customer experiences that haven't been seen before.

We check the real-time availability of attendees automatically so you only book events that everyone can attend.

Find the time that works for everyone

You need to book a half day training session. A dozen people need to go, plus the external trainer, and you'll need a room that's big enough with a whiteboard and projector.

Usually, organizing all this is someone's afternoon, calling and co-ordinating people, booking and re-booking.

With the Availability API you can automatically find the next time everyone can attend and find a room that meets your requirements.

No phone calls, no emails, just one call to the API.

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Handle complex scheduling instantly

More people in more meetings means more complexity and greater costs.

It's annual appraisal time for your customer and hundreds of staff members need to meet with their line manager. However, there are only so many meeting rooms and free time slots.

For most companies, this is weeks of work for their HR team, but when you can check availability and book meetings in real-time, you can automate this whole process.

The Availability API can tell you when every member of staff, their manager, and a meeting room are all available.

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