How Better Scheduling can Benefit Real Estate Software

Author: Kristina Proffitt

26th September 2019

Software providers are always competing to deliver the best possible experience to their users. In an industry that’s worth trillions of dollars, a seamless user experience is imperative at every step of the buying or renting process. A slow process can lead to frustration for everyone involved, causing a loss of custom for realtors and software companies alike.

Integrating a realtor’s schedule with the software that they use provides a better experience for them and their customers. Everything is kept in one place, meaning that realtors have the dates they need in front of them when they speak to a client. Clients aren’t kept waiting on the phone or in-person while the realtor checks their schedule. This gives customers the impression that the person they’re working with is well-organized and trustworthy, which helps them to relax in what is traditionally a stressful period in someone’s life.

Let’s take a look at some of the other ways better scheduling in the real estate sector can benefit everyone.

Schedule viewings faster

Viewings are crucial to selling or renting out a property. The more viewings a realtor has, the faster the property will be taken off the market. That’s why it’s pivotal they get as many viewings as possible, and quickly.

Cronofy allows realtors to do just that.

Virtual calendars for properties can be created, allowing appointments to be scheduled in real time. This means that even if five people click on the appointment scheduling link at the same time, they won’t all be able to book the same viewing slot. Everything is scheduled neatly with no chance for double bookings.

Details of the booking can also be synced to the realtor’s calendar, ensuring that they’re there when the property is viewed.

Realtors can also set the times in which they want to be able to do viewings – or times in which the house is available for viewings – with Availability Rules. This is a UI Element that gives them full control over their schedules and the schedules of the properties they’re selling.

Set availability hours with Availability Rules

Whether an appointment is added to a realtor’s schedule via the app or their calendar, all changes sync in real time, preventing any scheduling conflicts.

Viewings can be scheduled easily using our Slot Picker. This presents the real-time availability of a person or property for potential buyers or renters to pick a time that suits them.

Avoid missed appointments

Smart Invites can be sent to potential buyers or renters so that they have all the details they need for their viewing. This could include geolocation, which would even inform them of the time that they need to leave to reach their appointment.

Additional features like this help to create a better experience for buyers and also mean that when they sell their property, they’re more likely to use the same company, helping to drive repeat business and also increasing the likelihood that they’ll recommend the company to their friends.

17% of business comes from referrals and 13% comes from repeat business, so providing the best customer experience is imperative to driving sales.

Additional information on the viewers of the property can also be added to the calendar event, keeping everything in one place for realtors and even making it available offline for properties that don’t have adequate internet access.

If a viewing needs to be rescheduled, this can be done as easily as scheduling an appointment. Once the appointment has been canceled, the person can choose a new time using the Slot Picker or Availability Viewer.

Your software can also track if the Smart Invite has been accepted, declined, or deleted. This helps realtors to understand how viewers are engaging with their appointments and if they intend to show up on the day. They can then use this information to inform their decisions about contact with the viewers.

Appointments can also be sent straight to the calendars of home owners so that they are aware of when viewings are scheduled for. This helps to keep them informed, providing a better experience and informing their own viewing and buying process.

Smart Invites are also useful for rental companies to send to maintenance workers. Since they can be tracked, rental companies can ensure that the person carrying out the work has confirmed their attendance. If they can’t make it, the appointment can be easily rescheduled.

Since it’s such a seamless process to book an appointment, issues with rental properties can be solved much faster, providing a better experience for renters who often wait weeks or months for issues to be solved.

Organize open houses easily

Open houses can be an effective way to sell a property, but they can be complicated to organize.

Creating a virtual calendar for the property means that all the hard work is done for the realtor. Once the calendar is created, they can then set the hours the property will be available and divide the day into slots. They can then set the number of people allowed in during the time slot with Bookable Events.

Realtors can then provide a more tailored experience to the viewers, never worrying about too many people showing up at once or there being a lull during the day.

It also gives them time to organize the rest of their day around the open house, such as if they need to make any phone calls. Organizing open houses in this way not only makes it easier to do, but it also saves them time, meaning that they have more time to stage the house, advertise, and work on their other sales.


As you can see, there are lots of ways that better scheduling can benefit everyone involved in the real estate industry. Whether it’s booking viewings, organizing maintenance, or spending more time with clients, Cronofy’s scheduling solutions are just what your business needs to give your customers a better experience. After all, nobody signs up for a job to spend all day organizing appointments. Why make them worry about that when they could be spending more time with buyers and renters, helping them to find the perfect new home?

You can explore adding any of these solution to your software by getting in touch with our sales team today, or trying the API out for yourself.

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