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Transform ICS files into Smart Invites

Usually when sending calendar invites to users who aren't on your domain you have to use ICS files.

But sending an ICS file is really like sending an invitation into the great nothing. Once you have sent the invitation you can't tell if it has been accepted, declined or changed.

With Cronofy's Smart Invites API you can now track events and enable two-way communications from a simple calendar invite.

For businesses that's a big deal. When you know that a client has deleted or moved your calendar invite you can contact them to confirm or cancel their booking. Saving your business time and money!

Send Smart Invites

Reap the benefits of calendar sync without frictions

Smart Invites are the best way for your business to receive real-time event updates. Your users don't need to authorize access to their calendars, actually they won't see any difference from a basic ICS file. And it requires minimal effort to set-up from your side.

This is ideal for all these users that you need to invite a few times a month or when customers interact with your business for the first time.

And when it makes sense for you to ask your customers to connect their calendars to your applications, the Cronofy Unified Calendar API is here to help you do just that.

How Smart Invites work

Rather than generate a classic invite – via an ICS file – you simply have to send a request to our API and we take care of everything.

We generate the invite that you send and when we see interactions with the invite we notify you, in real-time.

You are then free to build smooth workflows based on what your customers or clients have done with your invites. Call them to check their availability if they haven't accepted the invite or send them a thank you note when they have accepted!

Smart Invites work with any calendar service that accepts ICS files. All this for $50 a month. Simple and smart.

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