Send trackable calendar invites

Track if your calendar events have been...

  • Accepted

  • Know if your calendar invite has been deleted


  • Know if your calendar invite has been moved


Get confirmation that invitees will turn up to job interviews, medical appointments, and more

There’s nothing worse than organizing something only for the attendee to never turn up. Double-bookings or simply forgetting are both responsible for missed appointments. In the US healthcare industry alone, this can lead to billions of dollars lost every year.

Sending trackable ICS files to invitees helps to save that money. It reduces no-shows and ensures that attendees know exactly where they need to be and when.

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How to generate your trackable calendar event

To generate your Smart Invite, specify what the calendar event is for, when it is, and who you’d like to send it to.

You can also choose which time zone you want the invite to be sent in.

When everything looks good, hit send.

Email your Smart Invite

The recipient will then receive an email with details of the calendar event.

To them, it looks like a normal ICS file. They can add it to any calendar service that supports ICS files.

They don't need full calendar connectivity to benefit from Smart Invites.

Track event acceptance rates

When the recipient interacts with the Smart Invite, you’ll receive a notification in your developer dashboard.

You can then track if it’s been accepted, declined, or moved. This makes it easier for you and your users to track attendance and reach out to investigate if someone doesn’t respond or makes a change to their booking.


Invitees don’t need their calendar connected to Cronofy to receive a Smart Invite. So long as they've got a calendar that can accept ICS files, Smart Invites will work for them.

You have the option to host your data in the US or Germany. Both data centers are fully GDPR compliant and adhere to our stringent data security policies.

Visit our data security page for more information our data security policies.


Smart Invites start at $50 for up to 10,000 invites per month.

If you’d like to discuss your needs in more depth, get in touch.

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