Smart Invites

Start tracking your calendar invites

Transform ICS files into Smart Invites

When inviting someone who isn't part of your company domain to an event you have to use an ICS file.

But with basic ICS files, once you've sent the invitation, you can't track what's happened to it. Is the attendee definitely coming? Have they even seen the invite and added it to their calendar?

With Smart Invites, you can track if a calendar event has been accepted, declined, or changed.

Your users can then use this information to reach out to attendees that haven't RSVPed to confirm or cancel their booking. It's a simple, easily trackable process.

Send Smart Invites

Reap the benefits of calendar sync without frictions

Smart Invites are the best way for businesses to receive real-time event updates. Users don't need to authorize access to their calendars – they won't see any difference from a basic ICS file. It requires minimal set up and effort for everyone involved.

Smart Invites are ideal for users that don't require full-time calendar connectivity, such as clients that your customers meet with every few months, or new clients they're meeting with for the first time.

How Smart Invites work

To create a Smart Invite, just send a request to our API. It will then generate an invite to be sent. To the recipient, this will look and behave like a basic ICS file.

When the API sees interactions with the Smart Invite, you'll be notified in real-time. Your software can then notify your user, allowing them to respond if necessary.

Smart Invites work with any calendar service that accepts ICS files. Prices start from $50 a month.

Start sending Smart Invites

Try Smart Invites

Generate smart ICS files that tell you when your invites are accepted, declined, or changed.


What does Cronofy do?

Cronofy provides real-time and secure two-way calendar-sync so that software and applications can connect with their users’ calendars no matter what calendar service they use.

How does Cronofy work?

Cronofy allows developers to build software that connects with multiple calendar services while working with just one API. This saves them time, saves businesses money, and makes the ongoing maintenance of building calendar connectivity easier for everyone.

Do I need to connect to different calendar services?

No, Cronofy supports applications that sit between the various calendar services and provides access to all or some of the five major calendar services that we connect to.

Do I need to enable each calendar service?

No. Cronofy’s APIs automatically give you access to the five calendar services.

What is required to integrate my application with Cronofy?

You set the rules and must provide the UI for your application. You need to integrate our authentication process and use our API to retrieve calendar data. Cronofy is responsible for ensuring the application receives the calendar data.

How do I control the level of access I have to my users' calendars?

You can control the level of access, meaning you can get all the calendar data or only free/busy information.

How long does integration with Cronofy take?

It depends on the complexity of your product workflow and the UI design work. We offer off the shelf UI with our Real-Time Scheduling feature and a simple integration with Smart Invites.

Where is your data processing managed?

You can choose between the USA or Germany.

How is payment managed?

You can pay monthly via a credit or debit card. If you subscribe to an annual Emerging Plan or above, we can invoice you.

For additional services such as Smart Invites – which is billed monthly – and Enterprise Connect – which is billed annually – we will automatically invoice you as soon as these products are activated.

Can you do the integration for us?

No, our objective is to build the APIs for you or your integration partner to complete the integration. However, if you are looking for an integration partner we can advise.

Do you offer technical review meetings?

We offer technical review meetings for customers on our Emerging Plan and above. Everything else is handled via online support tickets.

Does Cronofy work with different time zones?

Yes. However, your application needs to identify the time zone of your customers.

How do we set user working hours?

This is handled by your application.