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You can use the Cronofy Calendar API to add geolocation details into calendar events. Help your users plan their journeys, follow their schedule, and reduce the volume of missed appointments.

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Give more information to your users

Add geolocation to events

Adding events to your users’ calendars to tell them when they have a commitment is great and the foundation of all scheduling features, but for many events, context is everything.

The Cronofy API now provides you with options to add accurate geolocations to calendar events. Help your users plan their journey and get to their meetings and appointments on time.

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Advanced features

Automatic travel booking

Knowing both where and when your users will be opens many opportunities to build new and innovative features. You can leverage the existing mobile infrastructure by setting locations to events, which gives access to directions and location-sensitive notifications.

If you see that your user needs to be in one city for a morning meeting and in another city for an appointment that afternoon you can save them the hassle by booking their travel. You could also provide up-to-date weather forecasts or traffic information.

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Itineraries and traffic

Planning journeys based on commitments

Booking meetings when your users are available is an amazing feature, but if their next appointment is 20 miles away from the previous one, they will need to factor in travel time. A timely notification telling them they need to set off might be just what they need to stay on schedule.

Using geolocation to help your users plan their itineraries and book meetings they can attend on time provides great value. You can even use that information to work out if a user is running late and update the event information to keep attendees informed.

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