Live Travel Itineraries

When trains are delayed, flights are rescheduled or buses are running late, it can be difficult to inform all your customers. Not only that, but it takes time, and if it’s a last-minute change, it’s almost impossible to tell everyone before it’s too late.

With Cronofy, you can notify your customers of any changes as they happen. Our API updates in real-time, so instead of making countless phone calls, just a few clicks can notify all your customers about any changes, whether it’s delays or redirections.

There’s lots of important information to factor in when travelling. Juggling booking references, hotel details, taxi numbers and more can lead to huge piles of paperwork that often get lost in the bottom of bags.

With the Cronofy Calendar API, everything a customer needs to know can be added to the calendar event. There’s no more digging through bags looking for paperwork. As most calendars can be accessed offline, users don’t even need to worry about having internet access when they travel.

When customers have a flight or a train to catch, it’s crucial that they arrive on time, but no one can guarantee how bad traffic will be.

Our geolocation feature can be set up to notify customers when it’s time to leave. It works with the built-in GPS from their smartphone to calculate how long it will take them to get to their destination with current traffic.

Travel can be stressful whether you do it all the time or hardly ever. Ensuring that every customer has up-to-date information in their calendars can be difficult when there are multiple calendar platforms out there.

Cronofy works with all the popular calendar services including Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar. Even if users with a shared booking use different calendar services, updates will sync across to everyone.