Embedded Scheduling for Business Communications

Users can book appointments, schedule interviews, and organize meetings all from within your software when you use Cronofy.

Embedded scheduling for business communications

  • Schedule appointments from within chatbots, text messages, surveys, and more
  • Book follow up calls based on users’ real-time availability
  • Avoid double-bookings by syncing booked appointments to users’ calendars in real time
  • Provide a better scheduling experience for your users and their customers

Examples of better scheduling

  • Patients can book appointments with doctors via a chatbot
  • Training sessions can be scheduled from within HR software
  • Team meetings can be booked around employees’ schedules
  • Customer satisfactions surveys can be sent via text message, then follow-up calls scheduled with a representative
  • Interviews – of any kind – take up to 99% less time to organize
  • Connect students with mentors based on both their availabilities
  • Employees can schedule calls with HR after feedback surveys

Embeddable UI elements

  • Provide scheduling without interrupting the flow of a conversation with the Slot Picker
  • Show users which calendars they’ve synced – and allow them to connect and disconnect easily – with Calendar Sync
  • Let users choose their working hours with Availability Rules. Give them the chance to block out uninterrupted time for deep work and lunch breaks
  • Give users back their time – appointments can be booked based on the availability of multiple attendees and an available meeting room

Real-time calendar sync

  • Sync to any combination of the five major calendar services: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.com, Office 365, and Exchange (even on-premise)
  • Work with past, present, and future versions of each calendar service
  • Users can sync as many calendars as they need to
  • Send trackable calendar invites to ensure someone has added an appointment to their calendar

Speed up development time

  • Release new features faster
  • Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance
  • Spend more time building features, not troubleshooting
  • Rest assured that Cronofy is built with privacy and security as a priority, not an afterthought
  • Connect to the calendars of an entire organization