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Key Features:

Availability engine

Resolve complex availability queries scheduling meetings with multiple participants using our intelligent sequencing components.

Real-time scheduling

Coordinate events using multiple users' availability. The calendar updates in real-time and the times work for everyone.

Embed a range of customizable UI elements

Save build time by embedding a range fully brandable components that will enhance your scheduling.


Browse our range of open source SDKs to help get you started quickly.

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Thorough documentation and guides

Clear and detailed documentation and guides to get you up and running.

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Smart Invites

Track status without a connection to the recipients calendar.

Notifiers and Workflow-Triggers

Drive application and business workflows. Easily set-up follow up questionnaires, emails or text reminders.

Enterprise ready onboarding

Your customers can authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go, speeding up the adoption of scheduling features and giving centralized control.

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Choose where your data is hosted

Secure user data, 6 global data centres.

Universal API

Save time by implementing against one API for all calendar providers.

We grow with you

Fully scalable, fault tolerant API infrastructure processing billions of calendar events. We’re there to support you as you scale.

Cache data

We cache end-users’ calendar data so our response times remain at top speed.

Built for ease of use

Designed to be easy to use, with sensible defaults and minimal waiting for API responses.

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First-class technical support

Built by devs for devs, our support team are technical experts, capable of assisting clients. Thorough guides and documentation help you get started straight away.

Industry-leading scheduling

Have the edge on the competition when it comes to scheduling. We’re constantly extending our capabilities in order to provide clients with the best scheduling solutions.

Unrestricted free trial

There are no feature or time limitations with our free trial. Be sure we’re the right scheduling partner for you, fully explore our capabilities and feel confident in our partnership with up to 20 accounts.

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Writing custom integrations for multiple calendar APIs can take months of work... Cronofy’s APIs simplified that process in a fraction of the time.
Caryssa Perez
Chief Technology Officer, Iris Works
Get your project's calendar under control. Automatic synchronization of everyone's calendar helps us keep everything in order and under control. It is not restricted to a single calendar solution but gives you the ability to sync up everything. Simple to understand and well-documented API was fun to deal with.
Computer Software
Integrating with Cronofy was really straightforward. Their documentation and support are first-class. We were able to quickly and easily integrate calendar availability into our call scheduling feature without having to worryabout setting up several disparate calendar service integrations.
Chris Yancey
Full stack engineer, UpCounsel
Calendar integrations and scheduling automation is notoriously challenging but Cronofy makes it simple. Cronofy has been a fantastic integration partner to work with and the depth of integration we've been able to build with their support is making a huge difference.
Computer Software
Cronofy's Calendar API manages to be both very powerful and easy to work with. We were able to buildtwo-way calendar sync in our application in a few weeks. The implementation itself was straightforward and their support team was quick to help with any questions we had.
Albert Armengol
Co-founder, DocPlanner Group

Your privacy is paramount

At Cronofy, we take the security of our services very seriously for both our customers and their users. Our dedicated compliance experts design and embed operational processes for Cronofy that ensure that privacy is never compromised and users’ scheduling data is secure. To find out more, visit our Privacy and Security hub, where you can also download our latest white paper.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

Take your software to the next level with full calendar sync and scheduling automation

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