Integrate your software with the Apple iCloud Calendar API

Integrate with Apple Calendar without using CalDAV

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99.5% uptime SLA


First-class security


Fully documented API


Real-time synchronization


Work in a language you're familiar with


Scalable for as many users as you need


Work with one API, build features that work with all major calendar services


Avoid dealing with frustrating CalDAV/Apple Calendar API

Real-time calendar sync for your software

  • Connect to Apple Calendar without using CalDav, which can be a challenge for developers used to more commonly styled HTTP APIs
  • Sync to the calendars of millions of iPhone users
  • Avoid conflict deadlocks and infinite update loops
  • Changes to calendar events are idempotent
  • Cronofy differentiates between events sourced from your application (‘Managed’) and events already in the user’s calendars (‘Unmanaged’) to ensure that you have reliable integration from the start
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Streamline your development time

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Cronofy lets us focus on our core by saving us time and keeping a tricky domain at arm’s length. It’s well engineered and exceptionally well supported.

Ross McNairn
Head of Corporate Travel, Skyscanner -

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Customizable UI Elements

  • Use our customizable UI Elements in any combination you want
  • Users can connect and disconnect calendars, set working hours, book appointments, and more
  • Ideal for interview scheduling, meeting organization, hospital appointment scheduling, and more
  • Alter the design to match your branding
  • Reduce your development time even more – you could be up and running in days

Connect to the calendars of entire organizations

  • Connect to any – or all – the calendars on a company domain at the same time with Enterprise Connect
  • Increase the security of your connection by creating one entry point per company, not per user
  • Authorize connectivity individually, by group, or by organization
  • Meetings can be organized based on the simultaneous availability of attendees, meeting rooms, and resources
  • Create virtual calendars for things that require scheduling but don’t need a calendar
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First-class security

  • Option to access users’ free/busy information
  • Host your data in the US or EU
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • Built with security and privacy in mind

Experiment for free for as long as you need

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  • Experiment with the full variety of features
  • Connect up to 20 accounts
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