Scheduling and calendar sync for your apps

The world's best SaaS companies use Cronofy's APIs and components to embed secure, high performance
scheduling and calendar sync features into their applications.

Excellent documentation, SDKs and support as you should expect from a developer-driven company.

Scheduling APIs

From our powerful Availability API through to generating turnkey booking links with Real-Time Scheduling, we enable you to quickly deliver calendar linked scheduling whatever the feature.

Dom Finn

“The Cronofy API is a first class implementation and makes calendar integration super simple.”

— Dom Finn, CTO, North 51

SDKs and Sample Apps

Adding scheduling and calendar integration to your software couldn't be simpler.

We provide SDKs for Python, .NET, Ruby, and PHP. There are also community libraries available for a range of other languages to get you up and running quickly.

For a working example of a calendar integrated app check out our open source sample apps for .NET, Ruby, and PHP. The sample apps showcase the range of functionality of the Cronofy API. You can run them on your machine and get into the source code to see how they work.

Check out the sample apps

“Integration with Cronofy was uneventful (in a good way). They have a well-documented API, easy to use examples, and excellent support. Additionally, with the help of Cronofy logs, we were able to debug issues much faster. Cronofy saved us a lot a time, which would have otherwise wasted by integrating different APIs. ”

— Nitin Hayaran, Back-end Engineer, PeopleGrove

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