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The world’s best SaaS companies use Cronofy’s Calendar APIs and components to embed secure, high performance scheduling and calendar sync features into their applications. First-class documentation, SDKs and support as you should expect from a developer-driven company.

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Scheduling APIs

The Cronofy API is designed to provide a common API over all five major calendar services, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar,, Office 365 and Exchange (including on-premise).

From our powerful Availability API through to generating turnkey booking links with Real-Time Scheduling, we enable you to quickly deliver calendar linked scheduling whatever the feature.

Full calendar sync

Calendar APIs

Our first mission is to help you integrate as quickly as possible with our APIs but we are always extending the capabilities of our APIs. Check our ALPHA section to try out new features.

Manage calendars and events, get notified when things change with our Push Notification infrastructure.

Send trackable calendar invites with Smart Invites

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SDKs and Sample Apps

Adding scheduling and calendar integration to your software couldn’t be simpler.

We provide SDKs for Python, .NET, Ruby, and PHP. There are also community libraries available for a range of other languages to get you up and running quickly.

For a working example of a calendar integrated app check out our open source sample apps for .NET, Ruby, and PHP. The sample apps showcase the range of functionality of the Cronofy API. You can run them on your machine and get into the source code to see how they work.

Frequently asked questions

What does Cronofy do?

Cronofy provides real-time and secure two-way calendar-sync so that software and applications can connect with their users’ calendars no matter what calendar service they use. We also provide customizable UI Elements to get you up and running even faster. These can be used for booking appointments, setting availability, and more.

How does Cronofy work?

Cronofy allows developers to build software that connects with multiple calendar services while working with just one API. This saves them time, saves businesses money, and makes the ongoing maintenance of building calendar connectivity easier for everyone

Which calendar services does Cronofy support?

Apple, Google, Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise), Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft

What is required to integrate my application with Cronofy?

You set the rules and must provide the UI for your application. You need to integrate our authentication process and use our API to retrieve calendar data. Cronofy is responsible for ensuring the application receives the calendar data.

Where can I get further support?

There is a wealth of information available on our help center. For any outstanding questions please contact our support team.

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