Generate online meeting links with our Conferencing Services API feature

Many meetings require the option for the attendees to join an online conferencing call. This is even more key with the increased importance of remote working. Adding links for these calls is now a core feature of the Cronofy API and available on all plans.

Cronofy is providing a zero configuration option thanks to our partnership with 8×8, as well as offering support for Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoTo conferences.

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Conferencing Services works with...

Microsoft Teams (conference services)
Zoom (conference services)
8×8 (conference services)
Google Meet (conference services)
GoTo (conference services)

Feature overview

Add video conferencing links to events

Developers now have the option to add phone and video conferencing links as an additional attribute to the calendar events created with the Cronofy API.

Thanks to Cronofy partnering with 8×8, a leading provider of cloud communications solutions including enterprise voice, meetings and messaging, this feature doesn’t require any configuration.

However, we also understand that many companies have conference services that they prefer to use. In much the same way as end-users can link calendar services to their account, they can now authorize supported conferencing service providers to ensure meeting links are generated using their preferred tool.

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It just works

Seamless integration with all the Cronofy scheduling solutions

The Conferencing Services feature is built to work no matter how an event is generated through the Cronofy API. This means that customers using our Real Time Scheduling or our Real Time Sequencing managed UI can simply add the instruction to the event templates and they’ll automatically be able to support remote meetings.

Google and G-Suite users will have Google Meet links automatically generated. Users of all other calendars will get a free 8×8 online conferencing link generated for each event.

Alternatively, all users can choose to authorize Cronofy to use their Zoom, GoTo or Microsoft Teams account to generate the conferencing details.

Use cases

Enable better remote working with Conference Services

Video conferencing is key to enabling teams to operate efficiently when working remotely. This feature of the Cronofy API can help when scheduling events for a variety of use cases.

Video interviews are used more and more as part of the hiring process and allowing recruiters to send online meeting links as part of the interview invitation helps employers deliver a better candidate experience.

Team meetings, training sessions, agency briefings are some other situations where productivity and results are improved when video is enabled.

Businesses that offer remote services such as doctor’s visits, sales and support calls, virtual property tours and many more can leverage this feature to deliver a seamless scheduling experience.

The feature can also enhance and simplify arranging meetings for distributed teams and connect remote workers across the world.

The 8× service is designed to provide on demand access to secure video meetings for anyone with a web browser. We’re genuinely excited that Cronofy is bringing this capability to any service that they’re powering scheduling for.

Emil Ivov
Head of Product, Video Collaboration - 8x8

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