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When we think of professors, we often picture them stood in front of a hall full of people. But their schedules involve so much more than that. They meet with students to discuss assignments, mark papers, and work on their professional development. Juggling all of these time-consuming tasks isn’t easy.

Paper timetables work. But they’re easy to lose. They can sink into the bottom of heavy bags and get damaged. They also don’t update if anything changes, meaning that the professor could be the last to know if a classroom is unavailable.

This is why universities need to provide their professors with the right timetable management software. Calendar sync can take this software even further by allowing students to access their professors’ real-time availability.

Professors can also use calendar sync to specify their office hours, or the times in which they’re available to meet. This ensures they only get meeting requests during these times and don’t find themselves overworked or double-booked.

Update schedules in real-time

Timetables can be sent to professors’ schedules via an ICS file, but these don’t update if anything changes. This leads to confusion and a loss of communication, particularly if something changes at the last minute.

Cronofy solves this issue. It integrates with timetable management software to connect to professors’ calendars. If anything changes, updates are pushed to their schedule in real-time, ensuring that they always have the latest information.

It doesn’t matter if the software connects to a work or personal phone, or both. Cronofy works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, or Google Calendar. That means that if several professors are affected by the same change of plans, they’ll all receive the same update to their schedules.

Notifying staff of changes is a faster, easier process for administrators. They only need to send one notification to everyone instead of writing individual notifications. On days when bad weather makes campuses inaccessible, this is crucial.

"Having worked with countless CMS providers, we’ve never had a true two-way sync with our Mac versions of Outlook. Handshake’s integration is almost instant, setup for our staff was a breeze, and it has resolved a major inefficiency in our scheduling and planning. I really didn’t believe it could be done, and we couldn’t be happier with the results."

Amber Graham
Amber Graham Project Management & Operations Program Director, University of Rochester (Handshake Customer)
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Smarter scheduling for substitute professors and guest speakers

Sending timetable information to guest speakers and substitute professors can be awkward. They don’t need to be calendar connected all the time, but they could still benefit from calendar sync.

They can be sent an ICS file, but what if something changes? What if they forget to add it to their calendar? What if they double-book themselves and can’t make it, leaving a class with no lesson to be taught?

Smart Invites solves this.

Universities can generate a Smart Invite, which can then be sent to the guest or substitute professor. They can then track if the recipient has accepted, declined, or deleted the invitation. This reassures them that the class has been added to their calendar. Should the invitation be declined or deleted, universities can chase up and find a replacement if necessary.

Extra information, such as the university’s address, or whom to ask for on arrival, can also be added to the Smart Invite, ensuring that the recipient has everything they need in one place.

More time to teach

Syncing professors’ calendars to a timetable management software greatly reduces the time that they spend doing simple, repetitive admin tasks. It helps them to better manage their time, allowing them to help students to the best of their abilities. Let them focus on the teaching while you focus on making their lives easier.

Cronofy is used by universities all over the world to benefit staff and students alike. They can manage their schedules more easily, book appointments, and even connect with businesses, all by using calendar sync.

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