Embed HIPAA-compliant scheduling into your healthcare application

Deliver an exceptional patient booking experience with the world’s most reliable scheduling infrastructure. Privacy-first, API-first appointment scheduling for developers and product teams.

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Integrate the most reliable real-time calendar sync API

Simplify event creation and updates by syncing seamlessly with all major calendar providers. Our robust calendar sync engine is built to handle complexity and scale, ensuring real-time updates from patient and practitioner calendars without any hassle.

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, Cronofy's dependable service allows you to focus on developing unique features of your healthcare product.

Security & Compliance

Secured patient data with HIPAA compliance

All sensitive and private data is secured through robust, battle tested APIs that carry HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Secure scheduling infrastructure as you scale.

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EHR system integration

Schedule events with EHR Systems

Our Scheduling APIs seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Enhance patient care and confidentiality, streamline time-consuming admin tasks and achieve a greater experience to healthcare management.

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Case Study
Docplanner Group uses full calendar sync to power its SaaS healthcare solution
Global healthcare platform Docplanner Group offers SaaS solutions to health professionals around the world to improve the patient experience and medical practice management.
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Case Study
Revolutionizing digital healthcare support with Tidepool
Tidepool are committed to helping all people with insulin-requiring diabetes safely achieve great outcomes through more accessible, actionable, and meaningful diabetes data.