Integrate HIPAA-compliant scheduling into your healthcare application.

Focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients by riding on the world’s most reliable scheduling infrastructure to make appointment scheduling a breeze.

Trusted by Healthcare teams who need performance & reliability


Create and update events as well as getting real-time updates from your users' calendars.

The foundation of Cronofy's service is our calendar sync engine. This deals with all of the complexity of different calendar providers so you don't have to worry which one your user's bring.

You get the confidence of reliable, real-time updates. So you can focus on building the features that make your product different.

Every plan comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee so you know you can rely on us.


Relax knowing your sensitive data is safe with us and customize your scheduling experience to suit your unique business needs. From the workflows to the look and feel; deliver fast, efficient scheduling without the heavy lifting.

Security & Compliance

Calendars can contain patient and commercially sensitive data. Anyone processing that data needs to be operating with the highest level of security and privacy controls.

Cronofy has taken this a stage further. Our unique sync engine acts as a secure proxy between your application and your patient's calendar data. You choose the level of access that you need.

For example we can mask everything except the free busy information needed to make scheduling decisions, yet still allow your app to create bookings and have full edit control with just those events.

Integration with EHR systems

Our Scheduling API's seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Enhance patient care and confidentiality, streamline time-consuming admin tasks and achieve a greater experience to healthcare management. Elevate your operations with the power of unified systems.