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An important day for everyone

Campus visits help students to make an informed decision about which universities to apply for. They and their families can use these days to tour campuses, speak to current students, and meet with counselors. They can then use this information to make better informed decisions about whether a university is the right fit.

When a university uses calendar sync, booking all of these things is a faster, more seamless process. Students can see the availability of counselors and campus tours before leaving home, ensuring that they don’t plan to meet with someone on a day when they’re unavailable.

Group visits are also easier to organize because schedules can be based around a tour guide’s real-time availability. Tours can automatically close once enough people have booked on to them, and reopen if someone cancels. This ensures that tours aren’t overbooked and tour guides can give visitors a more tailored experience of campus life.

A taste of university life

Counselors can connect their calendars to booking software. This information can then be used to allow potential students to book appointments with them. Because everything updates in real-time, it will only offer appointments when the counselor is free. There’s no risk of double-booking.

Should someone cancel at the last minute, the appointment slot can reopen for someone else to take advantage of.

Allowing them to book their own meeting saves administrators and counselors time. The process is faster, easier, and more pleasant. Students leave with a better view of the university and wondering how else the university can make their life easier.

"Handshake’s integration is almost instant, setup for our staff was a breeze, and it has resolved a major inefficiency in our scheduling and planning."

Amber Graham
Project Management & Operations Program Director | University of Rochester (Handshake Customer)
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Add appointments to potential students’ calendars

The more appointments a potential student and their guests have, the harder it is to remember them all. Booking systems can use Smart Invites to ensure that everything they need is added to their calendar.

Smart Invites are one-off calendar invites that give the end user all the information they need. They also allow universities to track if these calendar invites have been accepted, declined, or deleted. Universities can then use this information to reach out to visitors and confirm appointments, and reschedule if necessary. Should someone no longer need or want an appointment, the slot can be reopened for someone else to use.

Seamless open day scheduling

Information such as where to meet or whom the tour guide is can also be added to the calendar invite. This means that attendees will receive a notification when it’s time to leave, factoring in traffic and their mode of transport. On arrival, they’ll know whom to ask for and where to meet them.

An open day can be the deciding factor for many students who are about to start university. Make it the best day possible for them – run it seamlessly with smart scheduling.

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