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When a sales team has lots of demos to carry out, it’s a sign that business is booming.

However, organizing these demos can be complicated for the telemarketers left with this responsibility.

While they’re on the phone or responding to an email, they need to cross-check the sales team’s schedule to work out who’s available and when.

This is a cumbersome process and could be made more efficient by taking advantage of calendar sync.

Streamline long-winded processes

When CRM platforms are calendar synced, sales appointments can be booked by telemarketers in real-time, directly through the CRM.

There’s no risk of double-booking because Cronofy works out the best time for everyone to meet based on the real-time availability of everyone within the sales team.

This means that client demos can be booked in just a few clicks, with most of the process being automated. Staff then have more time to spend on what really matters.

It also means that it doesn’t matter how last-minute a meeting is, it can still be added into everyone’s calendar.

"Calendar Integration was a feature we were really keen to offer our users. It allows them to automate the appointment booking process which has become a real selling point of our solution."

John Wierda
CEO & Founder, SalesTarget
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Real-time updates

Sometimes meetings need to be rescheduled because something important has come up.

When this happens, rescheduling is as complicated and long-winded as organizing the original demo was.

However, when the CRM is calendar synced, it can be set up to automatically suggest a new time. Provided that the potential client also has their calendar synced, the software can work out a new demo time and even add it to everyone’s calendars straight away.

Protect users’ privacy

There’s no need to worry about sharing private information, either, as Cronofy allows developers to create a connection that can only access users’ free/busy data.

No private information is shared between their calendar and your software, enhancing their privacy and giving you full control over the information that you hold.

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

ISO27001 certified

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