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Time is of the essence

Real estate agents not only have to sell houses and flats, but also oversee organizing the entire process. Even if they use real estate software, finding a time that works for them, potential buyers, and the current owners isn’t always straightforward.

The more people who want to view a property, the more time this process takes up. When booking a viewing takes too long the property can be gone before your clients even get chance to see it. Especially if the buyers are looking for a quick sale and have the property listed with multiple estate agencies.

Trying to find a time that suits everyone isn’t always easy, though. It can create long email chains or mean estate agents waste hours on the phone instead of selling more properties.

Book in real-time

Cronofy connects to estate agents’ calendars, allowing them to connect appointments to their calendar service and even that of potential buyers.

Should anything need to be rescheduled, it’s as simple as altering a calendar event. Once the changes have been made, everyone affected is notified immediately.

Build smarter schedules

Real-Time Scheduling allows estate agents to generate a booking link – based on their real-time availability – that they can send to interested viewers.

The length of time for viewings can be adjusted to reflect the size and interest in a property, and because it updates in real-time, there’s no danger of any double-bookings.

Scheduling links can also be added directly to online property profiles on real estate listing websites. Potential buyers can book their viewing in seconds without having to send an email or request a phone call.

Know where to go

When potential buyers are unfamiliar with an area, it can make them late if they get lost, messing up estate agents’ schedules.

With Cronofy’s geolocation feature, location details can be added to a calendar event to make getting to a viewing super easy. With maps just a click away on any smartphone, it’s never been easier to find where to go.

Notifications can also be set up to be sent when it’s time to leave, based on the user’s location and current traffic.

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