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We’ve all suffered from a Bad Hair Day. Sometimes washing it helps. Sometimes it needs some hairspray to show it who’s boss. And sometimes, the only solution, is a trip to the hair salon.

Millennials are taking over the world – no, seriously – and they are more reliant than ever on technology. They don’t want the hassle of picking up the phone to book appointments. Hair appointments are no exception.

Salons that don’t make the most of online booking lose up to 35% of millennial clients and 25% of clients who book out-of-hours.

Not only that, but adopting online booking saves staff from being stuck on phone duty all day, giving them more time to create a better customer experience.

Show availability in real-time

The Cronofy Availability API offers real-time availability, which means that no matter when an appointment is booked, the hairstylist’s calendar will be updated straight away.

Should they or their client need to reschedule, they can do so from their calendar service of choice.

If they’re both calendar synced, our Availability API can even offer an alternative time slot when both are free.

With our Real-Time Scheduling plugin you can share the availability of your hairstylists on your website.

All you need to do is add a scheduling button to your homepage and your clients can book straight from your website in an instant. Scheduling links are updated in real-time to prevent double-booking.

This gives your clients a fast and easy-to-use booking system that they can use wherever they are. Even if it’s a last-minute decision!

Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It’s so easy to authorize and get up and running!

Leah Hutcheon
CEO & Founder - Appointedd

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Know exactly where to go

When clients are new, it’s possible that they don’t know where to find their new hair salon. This can cause frustration, and, if they’re new to the area, mean that they got lost. The may turn up late, or worse, miss their appointment altogether.

Our geolocation feature means that location details can be added to the calendar event so that they know where to go on the day.

Remote hairstylists, meanwhile, can add clients’ addresses to calendar events so that they know exactly where their next appointment is.

Say goodbye to missed appointments

Missed appointments mean lost revenue.

Cronofy can be set up so that clients receive a reminder about their booking a day before, an hour before, or, if geolocation is set up, when they need to leave.

This means that the risk of missed appointments is greatly reduced, leaving staff to focus on making clients’ experiences the best that they can be.

Fill your salon’s seats

When the risk of missed appointments is reduced and you appeal to a wider array of customers thanks to online booking, there’s only one result: more customers.

Your staff won’t be overrun with the increase in customers, though.

Thanks to the time savings that online booking creates, staff can spend their newfound time creating a better salon experience for clients and ensuring that one-time customers turn into repeat customers and regulars love your salon even more.

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