Availability Calendar for Online Booking

Cronofy integrates with your ATS

Automate the booking process using calendar sync

When online booking systems use two-way calendar sync, every step of the booking process can be automated. The booking process practically manages itself, leaving businesses with more time to help their customers.

Once a calendar is connected, Cronofy uses its real-time schedule to suggest times to potential customers.

A yoga teacher, for example, could set it up so that they have three slots available for classes during the course of the week. These times can then be linked to available rooms and yoga equipment. Once the room has reached capacity, or all of the available equipment has been reserved, that time slot will be removed from the list of options.

A more connected, streamlined booking process

Your customers can set a limit on the number of people able to attend a session. Once it’s reached capacity, online booking for it will automatically close.

Should anyone cancel, the time slot will re-open, allowing someone else to book the slot instead – even if it’s at the last minute.

Once they’ve booked their appointment and reserved their equipment, they can be sent a one-off calendar invite. Businesses can track if these have been accepted, meaning that if someone doesn’t accept the invite, they can get in touch to confirm the person’s attendance.

Additional information on the venue can also be included in this calendar invite, making the location further accessible to new customers.

"The Cronofy API allowed us to add calendar sync support to our platform in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build support for separate protocols."

Derek Edwards
Co-founder & CTO, CoachLogix
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More business, more customers, more flexibility for everyone

Adding features that work with multiple calendar services creates a better user experience. Nobody is isolated because they use the wrong calendar service. Everyone benefits from real-time, two-way calendar sync.

Businesses get more customers because they can take advantage of last-minute cancellations. Their staff are also freed up to spend more time with customers instead of answering endless booking phone calls.

You also don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance or security issues. When your software uses the Cronofy Calendar API, we handle all that for you.

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

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