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Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It’s so easy to authorize and get up and running!

Leah Hutcheon
CEO & Founder - Appointedd

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Mobile calendar sync without the headaches

Most of us now have a smartphone in our pocket, and every smartphone has a calendar application. This offers almost endless ways to connect and interact with your customers. It also gives businesses the opportunity to push events to customer’s calendars, sending notifications that will be seen immediately and reducing the risks of double bookings and absences.

However, some calendar services are easier to connect to than others. The Cronofy Calendar API does the work for you. It works with all popular calendar services so you can focus on building great scheduling features into your applications.

Update calendars in real-time

Calendar integration with Cronofy is so powerful because it enables businesses to sync in real-time with the calendars of their users. For example if a customers want to change an appointment, without calendar sync it means having to pick up the phone and try to find a new time slot.

With Cronofy all these changes can happen directly from the user’s calendar on their phone. By connecting your booking system to their calendars you can ensure that changes are automatically added to the relevant calendars.

Mobile calendar sync doesn't have to cause a headache - talk to us about how we can help you add mobile calendar sync into your solutions today.

The Cronofy API is a first class implementation and makes calendar integration super simple.

Dom Finn
CTO, North 51 -

Explore our customer stories

Simplify booking processes

Booking flows are the foundation to many online and offline businesses. However this can often rely on email exchanges and phone calls, making the entire process a hassle and increasing the potential for communication breakdowns and duplication errors.

Simplify the process for your users by integrating Cronofy’s Availability API into your booking system. That way your users can access your availabilities and book appointments for when you are free directly via their calendar app.

Mobile calendar sync can help to simplify the booking process.

Protect users’ privacy

When you’re adding or updating an appointment in a users’ calendar, you don’t need to access details of other events. Our mobile phone calendars often contain information about personal commitments that we want to keep private.

With Cronofy you can choose what level of access you need into your users’ calendars. Only requesting to see free or busy information means you have less sensitive data to protect while your users will feel more comfortable connecting their calendars to your solutions.

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