Scheduling for legal tech

Add online booking to your legal CRM or marketplace

  • Real-time, two-way calendar sync that works with all major calendar services
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Give lawyers more time to spend on billable hours by reducing the 48% of time that they spend on admin tasks
  • Get up and running in days, not months

Flexible scheduling solutions

  • Customizable UI Elements that you can add to your software in any combination
  • Create calendars for rooms and resources
  • Organize meetings around the availability of up to 10 people, rooms, and resources at the same time
  • Send trackable calendar invites, ideal for ensuring that all attendees have appointments in their calendar, even if they aren’t calendar synced

One of UpCounsel’s main value propositions is connecting customers with highly qualified attorneys quickly and effortlessly. With Cronofy, our users can schedule calls with lawyers within minutes. Our lawyers also love it because they spend less time coordinating calls and instead can focus on helping their clients.

Jaya Pareek
Product Manager - UpCounsel

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Simple scheduling for your users

  • Reduce how long it takes to schedule an appointment by up to 95%
  • Easy cancellation and rescheduling
  • Canceled appointments automatically reopen for someone else to book
  • No risk of double-booking appointments

Schedule meetings around lawyers’ availability

  • Lawyers can choose the times they want to be available for meetings
  • Admin staff can schedule lawyers’ meetings for them based on their real-time availability
  • Present availability as a calendar view, so clients can book appointments based on lawyers’ schedules
  • Lawyers and their assistants can see what’s coming up on their schedule from within the application

Secure, two-way calendar sync

  • Built with privacy and security in mind
  • Access users’ free/busy data, instead of all or nothing
  • Works with past, present, and future versions of Google, Apple,, Office 365, and Exchange calendars with no extra work required on your end
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant

As a new product to the market we wanted to make sure we had all the features our users needed. Calendars are a key component in that. Using technology that handles all the processing and already has the expertise to integrate with all major calendars has been a night and day difference to us.

Gabriela Cubeiro
Director & co-founder - CASEpeer

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