Calendar Connectivity for Hotel Reservation Software

Help to prevent the billions of dollars lost to missed appointments every year.

Create a better booking experience

Hotels that don’t us an online hotel reservation system risk losing out on the 80% of people who now book their holidays online.

This means less customers, less reviews, and less annual revenue. Booking software that uses calendar sync changes all this.

Let customers book online in real-time

When hotel reservation systems are calendar connected, they can attract the attention of customers looking to make last-minute bookings.

Reservations are pushed to a hotel’s schedule in real-time, preventing any double bookings.

Any changes can be synced to customers’ calendars in real-time, ensuring they always have the latest information to hand.

Add rich details to calendar events

Cronofy allows calendar users to add rich details to events.

These rich details can be used to share information with customers such as the type of room they’ve booked, what their room number is, or details on how to get to their room in a large hotel.

Geolocation information can also be added to calendar events, which can be set up so that customers receive an alert when it’s time to leave based on their location and factors such as current traffic.

Use calendars as interfaces to your software

When a hotel reservation system is calendar synced, it can be set up so that customers can make changes to their reservation from their calendar service.

Should they need to change their arrival time, for example, they can do this from their calendar. Updates are then pushed to the hotel reservation system.