Scheduling for Hospitality

Online booking for hospitality

  • Organize events, restaurant bookings, hotel bookings, and more easier and faster
  • Sync appointments to calendars as soon as they’re made. Any appointments added to synced calendars will sync across to your software, too
  • One person can sync multiple calendars to your software
  • Provide a better experience for attendees and organizers

Real-time bookings make it easier for everyone

  • Track event registrations
  • Close events when registration is full
  • Reopen bookings when someone cancels to minimize the risk of missed bookings
  • Make it easier for customers to cancel and reduce no shows
  • Avoid double-bookings
  • Sync your software to a network of calendars Set up virtual calendars for restaurant tables, games equipment, etc

Send staff shifts to their calendars to accept or decline

  • Track which shifts need more staff
  • Manage shifts from software or managers’ calendars
  • Send open shifts to employees’ calendars to accept or decline
  • Add upcoming shifts to employees’ calendars to avoid double-bookings

Protect users' privacy

  • Real-time booking helps organizers to find service providers at any time of day or night
  • Slots reopen if a service provider receives a cancellation, maximizing their revenue and minimizing wasted time
  • Send trackable calendar invites to service providers to confirm their attendance and send them all the necessary information