Give your users better medical appointment scheduling

Help to prevent the billions of dollars lost to missed appointments every year

Online booking for patient scheduling services

  • Provide patients with online booking based on doctors’ real-time availability
  • Allow doctors to set availability hours so that they can schedule times for meetings or lunch breaks
  • Avoid two patients booking the same appointment
  • Save receptionists’ time to deal with in-person enquiries instead of spending hours on the phone
  • Allow patients to schedule appointments at their own convenience, even if that’s out of hours
Appointment reminders can save as much as 30% of the funds that are lost to missed appointments.

Help reduce appointment no-shows

  • Make it easier for patients to cancel appointments, regardless of when they need to reschedule
  • Re-open canceled appointments automatically for someone else to book
  • Set it up so that your software can send patients calendar reminders
Send medical appointment reminders to patients via their calendar. Reopen appointments that are no longer needed automatically. Save time and money with calendar sync.

Provide a better experience for patients and their healthcare practitioners

  • Allow healthcare practitioners to sync as many calendars as they need to
  • Let patients choose appointment times that work for them, instead of them being given a time and having to work around it
  • Give hospital workers more time to focus on patient care

Help hospitals run in a more streamlined way

  • Set up virtual calendars to track the availability of beds
  • Organize multidisciplinary team meetings based on attendees’ availability and the availability of a room, making it easier to discuss patient care

Take care of patients’ long-term health

  • Build ways to track patient progress from within their calendars.
    Healthcare practitioners can then review this from within the software
  • Use push notifications to build reminders for when repeat prescriptions are due

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The documentation and support provided by Cronofy is first rate. It meant our engineering team were able to rapidly integrate calendar sync functionality into the Zesty platform and deliver value extremely quickly. The almost non-existent maintenance overhead means we’ll continue to accrue value from this work for a long time to come.

James Balmain
CEO - Zesty

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