Healthcare Use Cases for Calendar Sync

Discover some of the ways calendar sync can save you and your customers time

The Cronofy Mission

Reduce the time you spend building calendar connectivity into your software with our scheduling and integration tools. Using our Calendar API, you can connect your software to your users' calendars safely and securely. We also look after all the ongoing maintenance, meaning you have more time to create great features for your users.

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Lloyd Price

“Real time booking is at the heart of what we do at Zesty. Cronofy has allowed us to deliver that rapidly and reliably.”

— Lloyd Price, COO, Zesty

Discover the possibilities

Find out what you could build using our scheduling tools

Don't leave patients waiting around - add calendar sync to your patient scheduling service today.

Patient Scheduling Services

Save staff and patients time with better scheduling services.

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Send medical appointment reminders to patients via their calendar. Reopen appointments that are no longer needed automatically. Save time and money with calendar sync.

Team Meetings

Make it easier for teams from different departments to meet using calendar sync.

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Hospital Bed Management

Keep a real-time record of what beds are available and where.

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Does your patient administration software send reminders to ensure patients attend their appointments?

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments cost billions. Send patients reminders via their calendars and reduce this cost.

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Appointment reminders can save as much as 30% of the funds that are lost to missed appointments.

Appointment Scheduling

Sync healthcare practitioners' schedules to your booking software and allow patients to book appointments online, in real-time.

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James Balmain

“The documentation and support provided by Cronofy is first rate. It meant our engineering team were able to rapidly integrate calendar sync functionality into the Zesty platform and deliver value extremely quickly. The almost non-existent maintenance overhead means we'll continue to accrue value from this work for a long time to come.”

— James Balmain, CEO, Zesty

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