Employee Scheduling and Shift Planning

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Engage with your staff via their calendars

The bigger an organization becomes, the more complicated it is to organize staff schedules. Factor in overtime, seasonality, and employees’ other commitments and it becomes an arduous and time-consuming task.

Many businesses already use employee scheduling software. Cronofy’s Calendar API gives that software access to peoples’ real-time availability, allowing managers to propose shifts or schedule changes at times when people are free.

Real-time communication with calendar integration

With the Cronofy Calendar API, shifts can be sent directly to employees’ calendars for them to accept or decline. It works with all major calendar services so your users don’t need to worry about shifts getting lost in translation if their employees use a different service.

There’s also no more waiting for people to read an email or arrive in the office – everything happens in real-time. Using your HR software, managers can see their staff’s schedules, allowing them to take existing meetings and external commitments into account when organizing shifts.

Cronofy took something that looked incredibly daunting and made it easy. We were looking at writing custom integrations for a few calendar services, but by using Cronofy we were able to connect to several in far less time. They have libraries for many commonly used languages which saved us from writing any of the boilerplate networking code, and their notification channels mean we get updates as they happen rather than needing to poll for changes.

Greg Woods
Lead Developer - Iris Works

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Adapt quickly to change

If an employee can no longer make a shift, it can be difficult for them to let their team know and for managers to find a replacement.

With Cronofy, staff can manage shifts directly from the calendar they already use everyday – no training required. If they can no longer make a shift, they can delete it from the calendar on their phone, desktop, or tablet. Calendar integration can even be set up to send a notification to their manager or to propose that shift to available employees.

Speed up the shift planning process

Connect to entire organizations easily

For software providers who deal with whole companies it’s difficult to gain access to the calendar of every user. When the calendars of rooms and resources are factored in, this becomes an even more challenging to manage.

With Enterprise Connect, you get instant access to every calendar within an organization. That includes people, rooms, and resources. As soon as your users access your software, their experience is centered around their schedule.

HR systems today need to have the employee front and center and must require minimal training. Leveraging chat systems and native interfaces like calendars provide people with natural user experiences that just work wherever they are.

Anton Roe

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