Corporate Travel Management

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Preparation is key

Corporate travel management tools are complex. Everything from hotel reservations to flights, trains, taxis, and more must be communicated to clients in a simple and effective way.

Syncing users’ calendars to your corporate travel management software can make a real difference. Updates can be pushed out to clients in real-time, meaning that they always have the most up-to-date information on their most used device: their mobile.

Share the latest information

Offering a calendar integration feature means clients don’t even need to add travel times to their calendar. Flight times and taxi bookings can be automatically added to their schedule, and any updates are communicated as they happen. There’s no more risk of a client forgetting to add something to their calendar.

Should flights be delayed or a train get cancelled, the latest information can be shared to clients via their calendar. This means the latest information won’t get lost in a wave of emails and clients always stay informed.

Add rich details to calendar events

Corporate travel often involves several clients in the same booking. Each calendar can be updated simultaneously, making the need to email multiple clients obsolete. Nobody misses out on important information.

With our geolocation feature, location details can be added to calendar events. This means clients can leave when they need to, factoring in things like traffic and weather.

Get everyone calendar connected

With our Enterprise Connect feature, an entire company can be linked to a corporate travel management software. There’s no need to authorize new employees – they’re automatically added to the software. Even those who haven’t traveled previously are already connected and don’t need to worry about missing out.

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

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