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Helping students meet regularly with career advisors is a crucial part of preparing them for the working world. The easier it is for students to connect with a careers advisor, the more likely they are to do so and the more opportunities they can take advantage of.

One of the ways to operate career centres is through a simple drop-in or walk-in service. This isn’t very efficient and can lead to long waiting times and some days being busier than others. This is why online booking solutions are widely adopted. However, problems remain. If the student can’t see the availability of their career advisors they’re requesting meetings blindly. This can lead to long email chains and be a hassle for everyone involved.

So what's the solution?

Online booking saves someone needing to coordinate a schedule and act as a gatekeeper. This means there’s an extra person available to see students and therefore more students can be helped.

But what about if a student emails a careers advisor to book an appointment, and they don’t add it to the system? Or if a careers advisor has a prior meeting but forgets to notify the booking software, leading to a double-booking?

That’s where the Cronofy Calendar API comes in. It works with your career center management software to make it easy for students to meet with careers advisors.

Using the Cronofy Calendar API, you can add real-time, two-way calendar sync to your software.

It works with all major calendar services, meaning that your team works with just one API while creating functions for multiple calendar services. They spend less time building and maintaining calendar connections, giving them more time to spend on building your next great feature.

"Handshake’s integration is almost instant, setup for our staff was a breeze, and it has resolved a major inefficiency in our scheduling and planning."

Amber Graham
Project Management & Operations Program Director | University of Rochester (Handshake Customer)
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Seamless scheduling

Once a student has booked an appointment, it’s automatically added to the advisor’s schedule.

Everything updates in real-time, too, meaning that there are no double-bookings.

If students connect their own calendars to the booking software, the appointment can be pushed to their calendar automatically, too.

The booking process could even go one step further if both participants are calendar connected – it could work out the best time for them to meet based on their real-time availability. Once the appointment has been confirmed, this can be added to both of their calendars automatically.

The booking process becomes simple and seamless for both participants, giving students more time to study and careers advisors more time to see students.

Create connections

The easier it is for students to connect with career advisors, the more likely they are to use this life-changing service. They can get advice on their resume that can help them to land their dream job; learn what skills they need to find their dream job, or even meet and get guidance from someone who already has their dream job.

The benefits of career centers for students can never be understated. The question is, how easy will you make it for students to get careers advice?

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