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Get an overview of users’ activity

CRMs allow managers to visualize their team’s activities, including client visits, email conversations and phone calls. However, there’s no guarantee that the information available to the manager is correct or up-to-date. A sales person can book an appointment with a prospect and forget to add it as an upcoming tasks on the CRM.

The Cronofy Calendar API can be set up to connect with your CRM system. This means that when a calendar event is created it can be added simultaneously to the CRM and users’ calendars. Activities can be accessed in real-time to give a clear vision of the sales team’s future commitments.

Prevent double-bookings and missed meetings

The main problem with having to duplicate bookings between the user’s calendar and the CRM is that it can be easy to make a mistake. This can lead to double-bookings, or worse, forgotten appointments.

Cronofy allows for appointments to be entered into a user’s calendar then synced across to the CRM, and the calendars of anyone else involved. This limits the risk of double booking and help teams focus on high value tasks.

"We wanted to enable telemarketers to book meetings based on their availability. The Cronofy Calendar API allows us to do just that."

John Wierda
CEO & Founder, SalesTarget
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Get everyone together at the same time

The more people required in a meeting with a prospective client, the more difficult it becomes to organize.

Cronofy’s Availability API finds the availability of everyone needed and can give users a list of potential time slots. Once the user has chosen the slot they prefer, Cronofy can add the appointment to everyone’s calendar and to the CRM.

All the information you need in one place

When a big meeting looms, it can be useful to keep all relevant information in one place and keep everyone informed.

Our Calendar API can sync with your CRM to update calendars in real-time. Any changes – whether it’s location, time, or day – can be synced across, preventing the risk of people turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

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